Prayer requests from worship 11/24

Prayers of Concern:

Please pray for my son-in-law, John, who is having health issues.  Thank you very much, by Phyllis Brandle

Pray for Doug Gregg (Lenora’s brother) as he has been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig) disease and is loosing use of right hand, by Clyde Hanson

Pray for my nephew, Randy for continue healing after kidney cancer surgery, by Rose Mangini

Continued prayers for Colin’s cousin, to bring him out of his coma without any problems

Prayers of Praise:

As Rose celebrates her birthday Monday, by Judy Purdy

Praise God for Ron’s good doctor’s report, also Linda’s brother is hime and improving. Thank you for continued prayers, by Ron and Linda Johns

Prayers for Travel Mercies:

For Pauline Sullivan as she are traveling to see her son Dan over Thanksgiving in New York City, by Judy Purdy


Details of our Bazaar & Pie Fellowship on 12/7

Our annual Christmas Bazaar and Pie Fellowship will be on Saturday, December 7. Please drop by and enjoy a piece of pie and drink for a donation.  We will also have in our bazaar room plenty of candies and baked goods!!  Also, there will be a good selection of jams, jellies, etc. plus your hand-made craft items. You can pick up your fresh pecans, dried peas and lentils too!  And of course, we will have our famous Methodist Mincemeat for sale that is made with wild game meat from Western Meats!! Hope to see you there!

Prayer requests from worship November 17:

For Avis Hornbaker, my sister is back the the hospital and has signs of colitis and sogin sindrome, by Shirley Smith
For a friend’s cousin who is in a comma after being slammed against a boat, by Dave Hammond
For Ora Mae Long, who is in the hospital with infection
Always remember the cup is 1/2 full and NOT 1/2 empty: BE POSITIVE  🙂  by Judy Purdy


November       4   Pete Lane

6   Shirley Smith

8   Tiffany Mattson

11   Melissa Lane-Rogers

16   Laura Vawter

17   Mary Lu Crea

19   Lydia Deiss

25   Rose Mangini

26   Rob Mattson

27   Tim Mattson


November  7  Clyde & Marietta Hanson

Read Through the Bible in One Year!

Daily Bible Readings for November 2-December 7:

October 27-November 2:

Sunday: 1 Corinthians 13-16

Monday: Ezra 1-4

Tuesday: Haggai 1-2; Zech. 1-2

Wednesday: Zechariah 3-6

Thursday: Zechariah 7-10

Friday: Zechariah 11-14

Saturday: Psalms 120-123

November 3-9:

Sunday: Acts 19:11–20:1;

2 Corinthians 1-3

Monday: Ezra 5-7

Tuesday: Ezra 8-10

Wednesday: Nehemiah 1-3

Thursday: Nehemiah 4-6

Friday: Nehemiah 7-9

Saturday: Psalms 124-126

November 10-16:

Sunday: 2 Corinthians 4-6

Monday: Nehemiah 10-13

Tuesday: Micah 1-4

Wednesday: 2 Corinthians 7-9

Thursday: 2 Corinthians 10-13

Friday: Acts 20-22

Saturday: Psalms 127-129

November 17-23:

Sunday: Acts 23-25

Monday: Acts 26-28

Tuesday: Ephesians 1-3

Wednesday: Ephesians 4-6

Thursday: Philippians 1-4

Friday: Colossians 1-4

Saturday: Psalms 130-132

November 24-30:

Sunday: Hebrews 1-4

Monday: Hebrews 5-7

Tuesday: Hebrews 8-10

Wednesday: Hebrews 11-13

Thursday: Philemon; 1 Peter 1-2

Friday: 1 Peter 3-5

Saturday: Psalms 133-135

December 1-7:

Sunday: 2 Peter 1-3

Monday: 1 Timothy 1-3

Tuesday: 1 Timothy 4-6

Wednesday: 2 Timothy 1-4

Thursday: Titus 1-3

Friday: 1 John 1-2

Saturday: Psalms 136-138

Prayer requests from worship on November 10

Prayers of Concern:
For the soul of the still-born grandchild of my friend and collague, Gordy, by Denis Long
For Clint Huston, grandson of Diane & Jay Balch, who is in critical condition after a car accident
For people of the Phillippines, by Judy Purdy
For Linda John’s brother, Greg as he is hospitalized with several health issues.
For Rose Mangini for complete healling. Dr. says it may take a month or more.  (Prayers for patience.)
Prayer for travel mercies for Ron and Linda Johns in their trip to Portland for Ron’s follow up dr’s visit – also God’s presence, by Linda Johns
Prayer of Praise:
Thanks and praise for alll those who have servied and those who are prsently serving, by Judy Purdy

Methodist Messenger: November, 2013

From the Pastor

What a fall this has been!  The trees have been showing off their stuff with vibrant colors.  If you haven’t seen God lately you have had your eyes closed.  The weather here has been mild in many ways with lots of sunshine and little wind.  We are just starting to get cold weather.  The mild weather sometimes lulls us to a point where we put off things that need to be done to get ready for the winter that is coming, only to find ourselves caught off guard when we suddenly need them.

Is this how we handle life?  Do we put off things when life is going well, forgetting that they will eventually catch up to us.  It is easy to busy ourselves with other things when life is good, rather than the everyday maintenance items that are the foundation of our life.  Are we so busy that we forget to work on our relationships with our spouse, children or parents?  Does our time with God get put on the back burner until we encounter a crisis in our lives?  Do we recognize those things in our lives that are essential for our well being; our health, physical, mental, and spiritual.

These are questions that we constantly need to ask ourselves if we are to be the people that God wants us to be and be open to his leading. May each of us be able to identify the things that are essential for our well being and incorporate them into our everyday lives.

Yours in Christ,

Barbara Essen

Syringa Hospital celebrates 75 years:  If you have memories/stories about the SyringaHospital, they would like for you to share them.  They are putting together a book and would appreciate your input.  Last week, there was an article in Around Town in Wednesday’s Free Press.  Submit articles to the Attention of Robyn Crosby, in care of SyringaHospital, 607 W. Main Street, Grangeville, or email them to: or

JAMAA LETU ORPHANAGE: We have $1,590.00 to date. This means we have enough to support our three girls, plus some extra for the boys! Thanks so much to the ones that helped us meet this goal again!! I am sure the Lord will bless our giving and bless the girls as we continue to be faithful to their needs!!


UMCOM: United Methodist Community Outreach Ministry)  We continue to supply families referred to us from the Human Needs Council with household items.  Currently we need queen bed linens and blankets.  We also need towels of all sizes: bath, hand towels, washcloths, and kitchen towels.  Pots and pans are always needed as well as silverware, utensils, and baking dishes and pans.  Small appliances such as can openers and mixers are also needed.  We ask that all donations be clean and in working condition.  Donations may be left at the church or you may call Linda (983-2577), Judy (983-2828) or Emily (983-2466)  Thank you for your generosity!

United Methodist Women:  Our next meeting will be in the fall on Wednesday, November, 13 am, at the church with no host lunch following.  All are invited to join us.

The Sharing Circle.  We had our first gathering this fall on Wednesday, November 6, at 10 am, in Pastor Barb’s office.  Please come and enjoy the fellowship as we increase our faith in sharing of our journeys.   We usually meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Until after the holidays, we are using the Upper Room’s devotion for that day and discussing the questions in the back of that book. In January, we will start a bible study.


The Trustees At the October Charge Conference some new Trustees were appointed, they are:  Drew Lindsley, Craig Spencer, Mildred Asker, Ron Johns, Ted Lindsley and Dave Poncin.

Chimney and Gutters at the Parsonage were cleaned and shrubs and plants trimmed a big Thanks to Drew and Ted Lindsley for this work.

The front door of the Church was adjusted by our contractor Norm Rice.  As we lock the doors, be sure to pull the right side door tight.

The flooring for the kitchen that the UMW ordered is in and will be installed the 14th and 15th of November.  This work and the molding will finish the kitchen project.

The snow plow and snow blower are ready to go…..winter is here.!!!

Dave Poncin, for the Trustees

Choir practice:  Our choir practice continues to practice special music each Monday, at 7 pm. We will be sharing one special the Sunday before Thanksgiving and several for Advent!!! Please come and enjoy fun fellowship and praising our Lord with song!

Food bank news:  We will be putting out holiday food.  We need things like deserts in boxes or packets etc.  We will also need pie fillings, pie crusts in a pan either regular crusts or cracker crust – shelf stable.  Pudding and jell-o, regular or diabetic.   Canned milk and dressings both large packages and stove top.    Our soups are really down.  We do not have any cream soups such as cream of chicken or mushroom for cooking with. Gravy packets would be great.

We are working on turkeys and hams.  We have purchased some turkeys from Cash and Carry from our acct.  Turkeys can be donated through Cash and Carry or brought to us.   Les Schwab will also have a barrel for donations and will be able to take frozen foods for us.   If we can find some containers we will get some into the stores for non-frozen.

We have been distributing cranberries for the last couple of months and still have some so will not need those.  We might have enough olives but we can always take more.  We are also getting in 2 pallets of fresh potatoes and have lots of instant potatoes as well.

November is always our biggest month.

Giving Tuesday Promises to Multiply Impact: United Methodists are invited to sustain the spirit of Thanksgiving into the Advent season.

The denomination’s General Board of Global Ministries announced that for one day only, on December 3, 2013, as part of UMC #GivingTuesday, gifts made online to any project through The Advance will be matched.

Marie Kuch, who chairs the communication and development committee of Global Ministries’ board of directors, shared her excitement. “My US context is dominated by a consumer-driven frenzy within hours of Thanksgiving,” she said at last week’s board meeting. “With the Giving Tuesday initiative and matching funds, we have extra incentive to remember what the Advent season really means and to redirect some of our retail-shopping money to a better purpose.”

The Advance is the denomination’s giving channel that ensures that 100 percent of each gift supports the project designated by the donor. More than 850 Methodist-related projects and more than 300 missionaries are supported by The Advance; all of them have gone through a rigorous review process and are accountable for how funds are used.

Global Ministries announced it will allocate the “matching funds” dollar for dollar up to the first $500,000 in gifts to Advance projects received online on December 3, 2013, between 12:00 a.m. EST and 11:59 p.m. A maximum of $10,000 per individual gift to a project will be disbursed as matching funds. A project may receive a maximum of $50,000 in matching funds.

For more information and to give on that date go to: