Prayer requests from worship February 23

Prayers of Concern:

For Ron’s doctor’s check up Monday, Feb. 23 (travel mercies to go to Portland and back also), by Linda Johns.

For Joanie Golz and her Dr. Poole to find a replacement part for 20 year old hip by March 4, (surgery date), God Bless, by Joanie.

For my niece Kathy, and her son Nathan (39) as he battles colon cancer in IL, by Rose Mangini

For my brother, David, for pain in his hands and legs (from previous chemo treatment), by Rose Mangini

For Bill Chivers, my daughter’s father in law, who is dealing with painful cancer, by Judy Purdy

For Mike Griffin for successful surgery, by Joanie Golz.

For Sue Crume who lost her hair this week, by Pastor Barb

For Sandy Fischer as she continues cancer treatment.

For Dave Hammond for the Lord to continue to give me knowledge for the history of the church.

Prayers for Travel Mercy:

Dave and Emily Poncin as they travel south to visit friends and enjoy life.


Shirley Smith as she flies to Seattle area to see and care for great grand babies.

Prayers of Praise:

For a good trip south to see family and friends, by Linda Johns

For my brother Lowell’s prostrate cancer is under control—shot is working, by Shirley Smith.

For the joy of lots of desserts at potluck after worship service


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