Prayer requests from worship March 16

Prayers of Concern:
For Mildred Asker: grace, mercy, strength, and courage to receive the healing presence of the Holy Spirit, by Jerry Zumalt
For Bill Chivers: contiue prayer for his sufering in the final stage of cancer, by Judy Purdy (daughter’s father in law)
Prayers of Praise:
Thanks for prayers from healing (from hip repair), love Jonie Golz
Celebration of grandson, Stephan’s 12th birthday on St. Patrick’s Day, by Judy Purdy
Request for support of local food bank (money or goods) as we are so blessed, by UMW
For Jerry Zumalt, candidate for county commissioner, a goood, honet, open-minded man, by Sue Crea
Leta Akins is doing fine as she is involved in a bible study with other women, by Dave Hammond
Prayer for travel mercies:
For grand daughter, Breanna & her babies, by Shirley Smith

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