Prayer requests from worship March 23

Prayers of Concern:

Larry Ramos & family: He has been in the hospital and is now home but not doing well. (Pat, Larry’s mother put a card in the offering plate: Please pray for us. Thank you, Pat Ramos)

Millie Asker and Marietta Hanson needs continued prayer, by Dave Hammond

Nicole (grand daughter) who is dealing with pain in her lower legs from a condition common with teens, by Rose Mangini

Bill Chivers for end of battle with cancer, by Judy Purdy

Sue Crume for recovery and healing from cancer treatment, by Denis Long

Prayers for Travel mercies:

People traveling short and long distances during spring break in the Grangeville schools.

Prayers of Praise:

Drew Lindsley at the Lewiston HS meet was #1 in discus – 163+ feet, and also athlete of the meet in boys field division, by Bernie & Joanie Golz

Praise for Rocks and Ripples program yesterday in Pullman, by Judy Purdy

For a great Rocks and Ripples training event and for Marietta & Clyde who did a workshop, and also for the people who attended from our church.

Doug, my son, is celebrating 42nd birthday, by Judy Purdy

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