Methodist Messenger: May, 2014

Methodist Messenger: May, 2014  –  Grangeville/Nezperce/White Bird UMC

(Note: “Getting Acquainted” will be taking a break until September.)


From the Pastor  On Moving Forward:  One of my first paid jobs was picking raspberries in the Puyallup valley.  My neighbor would load a number of us youth into her station wagon and transport us out to the fields where we spent the day picking raspberries.  It was here that I learned to love raspberries.

I was thrilled when I moved to Grangeville to see the nice row of raspberries by the back door.  Yet it hasn’t been like I hoped.  For the last 4 years I have pruned, watered, weeded and done everything I could think of trying to reap a good harvest, but to no avail.  No matter what I seem to do the results have been very discouraging.  All I get is tiny seeds, more weeds and unruly canes that come up in the grass or flower beds where I don’t want them.
Every year I have said I need to take the raspberries out and start over, but I keep talking myself into giving them another year. This year I think I need to make them disappear.
How many times have parents yield to the child who pleads for “just one more chance,” only to have that child repeat the bad behavior again and again?  How many times have we pleaded to the Lord “just one more chance,” only to forget time after time?  When will we learn that there are is a limit to the loving patience?  When will we realize that everything we do has consequences? The choices are ours alone.  Do we want the warm rush of contentment that stems from a “good” decision, or are we really brazen enough to defy common sense, and say full speed ahead?  As far as I am concerned the raspberries have made a bad choice for too many years, and my patience has run out!

I have decided the raspberries time has come.  I am tired of pruning, weeding, watering, and feeding and not getting any raspberries.

When the raspberries and weeds come out I will have open space to use for new life, for something that contributes in a positive way. Once I see the open canvas all kinds of possibilities may come to mind, but whatever goes in the space, even if it is new raspberries bushes, it will bring hope with excitement as I look to the future.

In our lives, consider what a blessing “open ground for a new life” can be!  We can ask for forgiveness, and like an artist, start over with a new canvas.  We can choose our colors more carefully than before, and strive for an improved “finished picture” that we can offer in love. Where do you need to move forward and discover “open ground for new life”? Think of all the possibilities that could be!                                                             Yours in Christ, Barbara


MEMORIAL FLOWER TUBS:  All tubs have been spoken for. Write your check for $45.00 to Green Acres and we will deliver the checks to them.  Our tubs have been planted and will be ready by Memorial Day weekend.  Tubs will be labeled as follows:  Clyde and Marietta Hanson——-In memory of daughter Patricia; Carol & Don Warden—-in memory of her parents, Justin Warden, Eloise Peters and Adel and Raymond Holman; Joanne and Bernie Golz – in celebrations of their 45th wedding anniversary; Linda and Ron Johns —-in memory of Orville & Janette Johns; Sharon Cox—-in memory of Rachel Cox; Mike and Glenda Griffin —- in memory of Ann Coppedge, Walt Griffin and Ed Griffin; Dave and Emily Poncin—in memory of Judy Laven; and Linda Dodge in memory of her brother Lawrence (Larry) Keith Jr. A former Marine, and to honor her grandson Ian Dodge who joined the Marine Corp. March 24, 2014.


The Snippet Corner:  Did you know the History Haven office was once, where the pulpit Bible was kept back when the old Sanctuary was first built?  The Estimated years was in the 1930s.

Trustee Report:  The Trustees met April 11th to discuss the physical needs of the Church.  We reviewed the recent Church questionnaire and developed a list of repair and maintenance needs for the Church and the Parsonage.  We have broken the list down to capitol expenditure projects and those projects we can accomplish with a spring work day or as individuals looking for a small project to work on.  This listing is included in this report.

A second item of business accomplished was to elect a Chair person for the Trustees, Ron Johns and Dave Poncin have agreed to co-chair this position.

Drew has volunteered to once again mow the Church lawn this summer.  When he is not available Church members will take on this chore.  Be sure to thank Drew when you see him.

Ted Lindsley will ask his electrician to fix the outside lighting.  The Church will pay the bill for this work.

Work listing:

Congregational opportunities:

  • Repairing the Grout in the Parsonage tiles.
  • Fix water leak in the basement.
  • Remove damaged furniture from upstairs youth room and unused items on the stage in the basement.
  • Fix faucet in the fireside room that leaks.
  • Paint storage shed, and Alley door of the Church.
  • Paint fence around the oil storage tank.
  • Check into replacing ceiling spotlights with LED lighting this will reduce maintenance and give us more light at a lessor electricity cost.
  • Replace molding in the Church foyer.
  • Trim shrubs around the Church and the Parsonage.
  • Check Bell Tower to be sure Bell is secure.
  • Check frost proof faucets to be sure they are not leaking.
  • Remove window shades on Alley side of the sanctuary clean windows and caulk.
  • Clean gutters at the Church and the Parsonage.
  • Remove overgrowth and trim shrubs around the Parsonage.
  • Relay loosened floor tiles on the second floor.

Capital Expenditure Needs:

  • Clean Carpets at the Church, main floor and up the stairs.
  • Check into procuring a cabinet for our sound system.
  • Fix roof leak and paint Wall that has been damaged by rain water.
  • Phone line in the Parsonage may be a tripping hazard, relocate the base station to where the phone comes into the house and use cordless phones.
  • Electrical breaker in the sanctuary trips when it is turned on, need to fix or replace.  Question why we have breakers taped shut, is this good policy??
  • Reseal basement floor, paint the walls and improve sound deadening.
  • Replace adjustable arm holding the microphone on the north side of Sanctuary.
  • Purchase a wireless head set microphone.

It is unlikely that we will accomplish all these tasks this year but a needs listing will serve as a reminder for the future.

The Trustees will be meeting to set up a work day this spring likely to be a Saturday in May.  There will be more to follow.

For the Trustees, Dave Poncin


About our church’s Choir:  We had a great time practicing our special music with Wendy Lindsley and with Sharon Nine helping at times!  Hope all enjoyed our sharing it. We also had a fun trip to Lewiston First UMC on Palm Sunday, 14 of us went!  We will be taking a break until sometime in September to get ready for special music again for Thanksgiving and Christmas times.  Please let all the members know how much you appreciate our effort.


Camas Prairie Food Bank:  Thank you for being so faithful with helping us.  Needs:  Oatmeal, baking mixes (pancake – biscuit etc), Gluten free and diabetic food items, all vegetables except gr. beans and corn – that’s about all we have in veggies, Canned fruit including sugar free, Cream soups (chick-mushroom – celery etc.), meal helpers – packaged or canned, chili – pork and beans – baked beans.  I can go on and on with this list.  Anything and everything is needed.   Carlene, Camas Prairie Food Bank, Inc., P.O. Box 686, Grangeville, Id.  83530, Location: 411 E. North St., 983-5475.  Website is:


UMCOM: We thank you for the recent donations!  We continue to be able to assist families/individuals through the Human Needs Council.  We had a family of 9 recently with need of items.   We are now in need of the following to keep on hand:  Sheets (king & queen), silverware, towels, pots and pans.  Thanks for keeping us well supplied:  it is greatly appreciated!  We ask that donations be clean and in good working order.


United Methodist Women:  Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 14, 10:00 am, at the church with no host lunch following.  Please mark your calendars now and help us plan our year of mission work for our community, and around the world.  All are invited to join us.  On Sunday, March 2, Pastor Barb will install the officers for the local unit who are:  Rose Mangini, President; Judy Purdy, Vice President; Shirley Lane, Secretary; and Marietta Hanson, Treasurer.  Thanks ladies for your faithful service to UMW!! We are blessed to be a blessing.


UMW is helping us go green:  We are wanting to use paper cups instead of Styrofoam OR use the coffee cups on the hooks for your coffee/drinks please!  If you have a coffee cup, please put your name on it some place.  The ones with no name will be discarded or placed for visitors to use. Thanks!


The Sharing Circle.  Our next gathering is on Wednesday, May 7 and 21, at 10 am, at church (We found the café too noisy). All are welcome! Please come and enjoy the fellowship as we increase our faith in sharing of our journeys.   We usually meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.  We are using the Upper Room’s devotion for that day and discussing the questions in the back of that book.


Mission u (formerly School of Mission) From Pam Serrano, Assistant Dean: The Mission u team has been hard at work getting everything in place for the Mission u event July 11-14, 2014. (Rose will be going to this and would LOVE to have you join her!) Though there is still lots to do, we think we have interesting and varied programs lined up. Besides the studies you can take, we have the book room and learning center. Marsha has a selection of activities to give you a variety of hands on projects. She will have the squares to work on the quilt, like last year. This year she has added Health kits for UMCOR and School Supplies and gift cards for Tacoma Community House. It is time to get the word out that Mission u is coming, so please print and share the registration and scholarship information with those that may not have access to them. Or may not even know about Mission u. It is up to each of us

to share this information. You can find the Registration at:


And don’t forget there are Scholarships available — they can be found at under “events.” Conference Board of Global Ministries has added money to this scholarship, (Mission u).  They are asking for this money to be used for those that come from a Church with no United Methodist Women unit or those that are under 31.

Letters to the Editor:  A Church goer wrote a letter to the editor of a newspaper and complained that it made no sense to go to church every Sunday.   “I’ve gone for 30 years now,” he wrote, “and in that time I have heard something like 3,000 sermons.  But for the life of me, I can’t remember a single one of them.  So, I think I’m wasting my time and the pastors are wasting theirs by giving sermons at all.”


This started a real controversy in the “Letters to the Editor” column, much to the delight of the editor.  It went on for weeks until someone wrote this clincher:


“I’ve been married for 30 years now.   In that time my wife has cooked some 32,000 meals.   But, for the life of me, I cannot recall the entire menu for a single one of those meals.  But I do know this. They all nourished me and gave me the strength I needed to do my work.  If my wife had not given me these meals, I would be physically dead today.  Likewise, if I had not gone to church for nourishment, I would be spiritually dead today!”


When you are DOWN to nothing….. God is UP to something!  Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible!  Thank God for our physical AND our spiritual nourishment!
“When Satan is knocking at your door, simply say, “Jesus, could you answer that for me?”




May                  15  Dave Poncin

18  Cindy Roberts

19  JoAnne Young

19  Glennda Griffin

21  Carly Reuter Ream

23  River Phillips

27  Denis Long

28  John Geis

29  Megan Sigler


This month’s birthdays and anniversaries are on the monthly calendar.  If you have a birthday this month, we wish you a Happy Birthday.  If you have an anniversary this month, best wishes go to you, too.  NOTE:  Please let us know if your birthday/anniversary is NOT listed.  We would like to include it next time!



Summer Camp Registration is Open:  Share with others.

How to Register – Select a Camp – make a first and second choice. Some events are very popular and fill up quickly. Register online at If you are not registering online, fill out all three pages of the registration forms, including signatures. Register online or mail before May 1st to qualify for your Early Bird Discount of $20. Deposit must be included. All payments are due 14 days prior to the start of the camp.

If your church is paying a campership, (UMW would gladly sponsor any child!) you still need to mail your remittance balance 14 days prior to event or, at the latest, pay balance due at registration. Send to PNW Camping Registrar, PO Box 13650, Des Moines WA 98198. Phone 800-755-7710, 206-870-6805. Register online at

Thanks to the financial support in 2013, Twinlow ended the year financially positive with a small surplus for the first time in many years. Your gifts help provide a safe and relevant outdoor creation experience for all who come. Your prayers help guide our work as we seek a spiritual experience for all guests. On behalf of the members of the United Methodist Church, its campers, families, and guests who call Twinlow “their camp,” thank you for your continued support. Tyler Wagner, Director


Prayer requests from worship 4/20

Prayers of Concern:
For Kent Stokes, Mountain view School superintend, in the loss of his father in a drowning accident last week
For family & friends of 2 year old, Lincoln Pearson, who died after being ran over by an out of control car, by Barbara Essen
For my Aunt Clara Bell who broke her hip at the age 94, by Barbara Essen
For Mildred Asker and her doctor as she has surgery tomorrow (Monday).
Prayers for Travel mercies:
For Ron & Linda Johns as they travel east to visit families.
Prayers for celebrations and praise:
For the liver biopsy that was negative! My liver is fine, by Marietta Hanson
For preliminary results of Ron’s marrow tests that show normal cells with no sight of leukemia, for Ron and Linda Johns

Prayer requests from worship April 13

Prayers of Concern:
Jacob Warden who fell backward landing on a rock and bruising his kidneys. He is lots of pain. prayer for strength and recovery, by Carol Warden’’

Nancy Macgregor family in her passing, by Judy Purdy

River and the Phillips family in the loss of their family dog, Zeke on Saturday

Marietta Hanson as she goes to her doctor on Tuesday

Prayers of Praise:
My heart is full of joy for I’ve received so many expressions of love, by Mildred Asker

Wendy French has her doctorate degree!! She thanks all for the prayers!

Best wishes to our choir as they travel to Lewiston to the Lenten Service today. Also safe travel.

Prayers for travel mercies:
For those driving and going to Lewiston, by Dave Hammond

For Ron and Linda as they travel to and from Portland

Prayer requests from worship April 6

Prayers of Concern:
For Jamie Russell who lost her step-brother and her son

For Ron Johns to have good report from his doctor next week.

Prayer for Travel mercies:
For Ron and Linda Johns as they travel to Portland next Sunday.

Prayer of Praise:
For the choir and Wendy Lindsley sharing the special anthem today