Prayers from Sunday Worship on May 11

Prayers of travel mercies:
For Sonny Robison for a safe and enjoyable time with him Mom, by Dave Hammond
For David Chivers, my son in law, as he travels to home from Ireland, by Judy Purdy
For High school sports team headed to state competition, by Carol Warden
Prayers of Praise & Celebration:
For the plaque Jerry Zumalt obtained to honor artist, Katy Fox, our church, and the Camas Prairie art piece (as you enter the front door of the church, look above lower set of stairs)
For Sunday school Heifer project who bought a goat, and because it’s Mother’s Day, a donor matched our donation—and we got two for one!
We mothers are grateful for our children and the joy they bring to our lives, by Emily Poncin
Praise to our Lord for a safe, wonderful 12 days, seeing friends and family.  Also for connecting with Task Force team of Jamaa Letu Orphanage, by Rose Mangini
NOTE from Betty Johnson:  How very blest I am to have such a loving, caring family of Christ praying for me.  I am still in awe at the amount of love shown in your cards, calls, and mostly in your prayers.  You are the epitome of true Christian fellowship, and I love you all so much for all you’ve done.  Thanks, thanks, thanks.  In Christ’s love, Betty Johnson

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