Methodist Messenger: October, 2014

Methodist Messenger: October, 2014

Grangeville/Nezperce/White Bird UMC

(Note: “Getting Acquainted” is about Jane & Craig Spencer.)


From the Pastor:

            Fall is starting to show its face and we are getting into our fall and winter programing.  As we do so I was reminded of the following adaptation written by Paul Borthwick and I thought you might find it interesting.


Psalm 23 in a Busy World


The clock is my dictator; I shall not rest.

It makes me lie down only when exhausted.

It leads me to depression.

It hounds my soul.

It leads me in circles of frenzy for activity’s sake.

Even though I run frantically from task to task,

I will never get it done, for my “ideal” is with me.

Deadlines and my need for approval, they drive me.

They demand my performance from me,

Beyond the limits of my schedule.

They anoint my head with migraines.

My in-basket overflows.

Surely fatigue and time pressure shall follow me all the days of my life.

And I will dwell in the bonds of frustration forever.


Hopefully this is not how you are feeling right now, but there are days when I think we all have some of these feelings. Yet God is always there trying to draw us back into his presence, that we can know his peace.  I give thanks for those in my life who introduced me to Psalm 23 and its wonderful message of God’s promise. “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want….” Help me God to keep you in the forefront of my life all the time. May the Psalm 23 become an internal part of all of our lives.  Thanks be to God!


                Yours in Christ,





Children’s Sunday school:  We are studying the Old Testament, Genesis, The Creation story.  We know we are created in God’s image – not because of how we look, but because of our actions.

Noah created an ark because he was in God’s favor and God was disappointed with humankind. Noah was given specific instructions for dimensions as well as who to include.  God made a covenant with Noah and both kept the promise.

All children ages 3-12 are welcome.  Sharon Cox and Sue Crea



Good News!!  The Church is the fortunate recipient of a piano key board and synthesizer, a generous gift from Mildred Asker.  It is a quality music system produced by the Roland Company.  This addition gives the church more flexibility in its music program.  As you may recall we used this Key Board at a Church picnic in the park a couple years ago, Sharon Nine played it while those of us in attendance sang.  Sharon is an accomplished musician and the Key Board only expands her capabilities in making our Church music better.

Please take the opportunity to thank Millie and Jerry when next you see them.  And attend Church to hear some quality music.  Dave Poncin, for the Trustees


Choir practice:  Our choir practice started on Monday, September 8, 7 pm. Some weeks we may not meet, so check with the bulletin or church office. (No practice on Monday, October 13.) We are learning the music for maybe a couple of specials around Thanksgiving and several for Advent!!! Please come and enjoy fun fellowship and praising our Lord with song!


The Snippet Corner:   The House of Prayer For All Nations:

This part was written apparently after return of the people from exile, when the people were reorganizing themselves in the rebuilt Jerusalem. The temple had been, or was being restored.  Isaiah speaks a word from God, – The temple is to be a house of prayer for all the nations.  Not just for the Jewish people, but for anyone who seriously wished to pray to the one God, and who tries to live a good and dedicated life.  We are not talking about religious plurality here.  Isaiah had no concept of member of other great world faiths worshipping together.  But was he arguing against the rigorists who would say that eh temple was only for Jews, only for those who were circumcised and kept every detail of the Mosaic Law.  Rather says Isaiah it is to be a place where all serious enquirers after God are welcome, and further that worship and prayers would be as acceptable to God as that of the Jews.

In other words, our forefathers were saying that all are welcome in this house of prayer!

Dave Hammond


Missionaries coming to visit our church:  Be sure to save the date of Sunday, October 19, (evening time) as we will be honored with a visit from Rukang and Fresie Chikomb.  Look up info about them at:  She assists with management at the Jamaa Letu Boys’ Orphanage in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Rukang D. Chikomb is a missionary with The General Board of Global Ministries serving as director of Southern Congo Wings of the Morning, the aviation ministry of the Southern Congo/Zambia Episcopal Area. The ministry provides transportation for hospitals, educators, mission teams, church leaders, and other mission needs.

Fresie Chikomb is a also a Global Ministries’ missionary serving as safety and accountability manager of the Southern Congo Wings of the Morning Aviation Ministry


Camas Prairie Food BankNeeds are anything shelf stable – canned-boxed and bottled etc.  Also we are going to need boxed dressing, pie fillings, and desert mixes for the holidays.    We have been handing out pumpkin, cranberry for the last couple months so we won’t need those items as we still have plenty.   We are having to purchase much of our shelf stable food from grocery outlet, cash and carry and dollar store.   Idaho food bank is no longer providing much of the needed shelf stable foods.    November is our biggest distribution month.  Last year we served nearly 800 people.

Thanks all of you!   Carlene, Camas Prairie Food Bank, Inc., P.O. Box 686, Grangeville, Id.  83530, Location: 411 E. North St., 983-5475.  Website is:

JAMAA LETU ORPHANAGE: We are late starting but we are in need of funds to support our 3 orphans at the Jamaa Letu Orphange in the Republic of Congo.  To support an orphan, we are asked to submit $493.00 per child. Last year we sent funds for Patricia Matula (7 years old), and Emmanie Kisimba (5 years old), to help with loving care, shelter, food, clothing, medical care, school uniforms and an education that hopefully will give them a career and independence so important to these children. We also sent a scholarship to one of the older orphan, Ruth Tabu Milenda 18 years old. This support is not available to orphans “on the outside”.  We have so far received $345.00, for their support. Please prayerfully consider helping us with this worthwhile mission. Thanks.

The website about our orphanage is found at

Also, there are some drawings by the children at:


UMCOM: Thank you for the recent donations.  Thank you for sending clean items that are in good working order, they are much appreciated as we have aided several families/ individuals this summer.  When you see a good buy, cookware, silverware, and utensils are always needed as well as towels, linens, and dishes.  We are now in need of NEW bed pillows and blankets of any kind. Thanks.




 United Methodist Women:  Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, November 12, 10:00 am, at the church with no host lunch following.  At our last meeting, we planned our Mincemeat making day which will be on Tuesday, November 25, at 9 am.  Our Annual Bazaar and Pie Fellowship will be on Saturday December 6.

The Sharing Circle.  We are ready to resume our monthly fellowship time, so our next gathering will be on Wednesday, October 8 and 29, at 10 am, at church.  We set 2 Wednesdays a month if enough are available. Call the church office for confirmation for meeting please. All are welcome!  Please come and connect with our sisters in Christ. We are sharing time based on the Upper Room for that day. Hope you will join.


Woman to Woman:  “Going Deeper” is a time of teaching and discussion facilitated by local Biblical Counselor and bible study leader, Carol McLean from Grangeville Church of the Nazarene.  Non-denominational and no admission. This is held on Saturday, October 18, 9:00-11:00 am, at the Centennial Evangical Free Church, 408 N. College, Grangeville.  Why:  Strengthening our walk with the Lord and our relationships with one another! Building the body of Christ in Grangeville.  All women and teens are welcome.


Getting Acquainted: Jane and Craig Spencer have a mutual friend in the Forest Service to either thank or blame for their meeting. The couple were introduced at the “78 Folk Life Festival and were married one year later in Jane’s parents’ (Albert and Odessa Eidemiller) back yard. Jane said it was a small wedding, her father had died the year before. Jane was the youngest in the family with two older sisters and an older brother until 12 years later another brother was born. She was born in Caldwell, ID. October 12, 1953. Her older sister, Elaine lives in Caldwell; sister, Betty lives in Virginia; older brother, Cliff is in Wilder, and little brother, Pat resides in LA, California. She grew up on their dairy farm on Highway 95 between Wilder and Homedale, and attended all 12 years of school in Homedale, graduating from high school in 1971.

From high school she went to Oregon State University for a year and then transferred to College of Idaho in Caldwell. Her under graduate degree was in Biology and English. After graduation in 1976, she worked for the Forest Service which brought her to Grangeville. She said that job ended when Jay was born, July 8, 1980, in Syringa hospital. His father was also born in the Grangeville hospital, but he said it was called Grangeville General Hospital when he was born. Jay and his wife are living in Seattle, both are attorneys, and they have one son named Henry, who will be 3 in Dec. They will make Craig and Jane grandparents again in Dec. with another baby boy! Craig and Jane’s second son, Lee, was born March 11, 1983, and currently is in his second year of medical school at the University of Washington. Craig and Jane lived in town for a couple of years while their present home was being built. They moved there in 1982. The couple did some of the finish work on the house. Jane said Craig did not like living in town.

In 1993, when both boys were in school she left Craig in charge of them and went to Law school at the University of Idaho at Moscow, graduating in 1996. She said she had her own private practice for a time, then worked some seven or eight years with Olds Law practicing product liability defense. She currently is the law clerk for Judge Mike Griffin.

Craig was born Sept. 17, 1949 and has an older sister named Laura who lives in Delaware and a now retired younger brother, Charlie who lives in Spokane. Charlie comes five days a week to help with their Mother, Carmelita. She turned 92, on August 24. Craig’s dad built the family house in 1940.

Craig’s roots run deep in Grangeville as he was born here and lived all his life on the ranch except for college and the years he lived in town with Jane. She said he came to the farm every day, however.
Craig graduated from Grangeville High school in 1967, and then went to the University of Idaho and graduated in pre-med in 1971. He did not go on to Medical school. He did his under graduate work doing research in a chemistry lab in 1970-71, and did not like being away from the ranch work.

He came back to the ranch after graduation and worked with John, his dad, who was then 65. He said his dad retired shortly after this due to arthritis. He did continue to be heavily involved, however. They ran the ranch here and the one on the Snake River. Craig became the owner and manager in 1978. I asked if there were ever any ranch fires. He said one burned down a ranch house in 1998. Two other fires in Divide Creek in the 1970’s, and again in 2006, and each burned large portions of the ranch.

Wrestling was the sport of choice for Craig in high school. He did not say if any of the moves he learned helped him with the cattle. He used to break horses but just rides them now. I asked if he ever got bucked off and he said which time. Craig was on the Ski Patrol at Snow Haven for 27 years and taught both his boys to ski. Craig is most proud of serving for 21 years on the school board. He and Jane both ski. He also likes to golf, fly fish, and hike. Other hobbies include his book club and traveling. He really loves to play golf. Craig has three trophies won in the Border Days egg toss. His first one was in 2004 with Lee. The next two were won with Jay in 2010 and 2013. He is the oldest ever egg toss winner.

Craig said he went to church growing up in both the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church and the Methodist. He was baptized in the Methodist church. Both Jane and Craig went to church at the Methodist church here in Grangeville after they were married.  Submitted by Shirley Smith




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