Prayer requests from worship on October 26 plus others

Prayers of Concern:
For Clyde Hanson as his torn rotator cuff is not operate able
For Ron Johns as he is recovering from a respiratory illness, by Linda & Ron (email)
For Rose Mangini for healing and for doctors to know what will improve her health
For people in Marysville, WA, by Judy Purdy
For Cindy Roberts, who will have a medical procedure soon
For Rev. Larry Eddings, a former minister of GUMC, as he is experiencing several medical issues, by Carol Warden
Prayer for travel mercies:
For Ron and Linda Johns as they travel to Portland this week for Ron’s check up, by Linda & Ron (email)

Prayer requests from October 19

Prayers of Concern:

For Clyde Hanson, as he has a rotator cuff tear in his shoulder. Hope to hear from doctor sometime next week, by Marietta

For Bonnie Longmore who has shingles, by Shirley Smith

For Karen Teff had surgery and is needing to go back in December, by Shirley Smith

For Dallas Dodd, CLM serving Anatone UMC as he is battling cancer, by Barbara Essen

For Bishop Hagiya, as he has a hectic schedule and travel. May he have some down time, by Barbara Essen

Prayers of Praise:

For Debbie our daughter, who came thru heart surgery fine. She still needs shoulder surgery, by Shirley and Buzz Smith

For my dear friend, Father Ferdie who is in Wisconsin, living with another priest, Daniel, by Dave Hammond

Prayer requests from worship on October 12

Prayers of Concern:

Debbie Humphries, our daughter, who has heart problem and will be having shoulder surgery, by Shirley Smith

Family of Kraig Schlottman. She passed away this week, by Judy Purdy

Healing of the ones with Embola, by Dave Hammond

Pauline Sullivan, who is having another cataract surgery on Wednesday, October 15, by Judy Purdy

Selena, daughter of missionaries who went to ER on Friday. Her mother went to TN to be with her. Her father continues with the church schedule.

For my aunt’s quick healing of her ankle, by Sonny Robison

For Buzz Smith to be safe as he is gone hunting, Shirley Smith

Prayers for travel mercies:

For Pastor Barb and Denis Long, CLM, traveling to Yakima for Gathering of the Orders

Prayer requests from worship Oct. 5

Prayers of Concern:

For Bill my cousin, who is having surgery on Monday, by Linda Johns

For Dave Poncin as he is under the weather today. Pray for quick recovery – to much to do to be sick, by Emily

Prayers for travel:

Glennda Griffin as she travels away from home.

Prayers of praise:

For my friend’s return to WI from Tanzania, by Dave Hammond