Prayer requests from worship on December 7

Prayers of Concern:
For family of Audrey Eddings who passed away.  She is the wife of Rev. Larry Eddings who pastored here from 1966-1970, and have returned to visit multiple times, by Carol Warden.
For Eric Kos, our son in law who has tumor on his spine and brain stem cell, by Buzz & Shirley Smith.
Remember all the 2000 men who died and 1000 wounded at Pearl Harbor 73 years ago, and also those others on Wake Island and the Philippines.  There were at least 5 from Camas Prairie, by Clyde F. Hanson, LT. Col, Retired.
Eddie Bauer for continued healing, by Judy Purdy
For Millie Asker and Marietta Hanson, by Dave Hammond
For Rose Mangini’s doctor’s apt. Monday for ideas for improved health.  (NOTE:  From apt, doctor gave ideas to help her – prayers continue)
Prayers of Praise:
Barring any surprises with inspection, I have a home purchased, by Lenora Gregg

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