Prayer requests from worship December 21

Prayers of Concern:

For Jeff Day, my son-in-law, as he starts follow-up treatment.  Thank you for your prayers earlier.  Continued prayers for the whole family, by Annelle Urbahn

For Joyce Hanson, our daughter, as she recovers from her breast surgery and reconstruction on Thursday.  She was in the hospital only overnight and is doing well.  Prayers for complete healing, by Marietta and Clyde Hanson

For Milly Asker for God to give her peace, by Dave Hammond

For New York City Police that were killed yesterday.  Hold them all up in your prayers, by Judy Purdy

For Shirley Lane, who went into the hospital late last night (Sunday eve) with digestive problems.

For travel mercies for all who are travelling over the holidays.


Prayers of Praise:

Praise for the lovely poinsettias throughout our sanctuary.




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