Methodist Messenger: January, 2015

From the Pastor:
The Christmas season will soon be behind us for another year and I give thanks for all that God has done in my life. Thanks to all of you for the gifts that I received from the congregations.
As we begin 2015 with all of its unknowns, let us show our gratitude to God for all the many blessings he has given us.
Stewardship is a means of doing just that, and is a way of life!

In return, God entrusts us to:
• Identify and develop our talents
• Share our treasure
All we have comes from God.
• Give of our time
• Restore and protect the environment
• Take care of our minds and bodies
• Nurture our relationships
• Spread the Good News of salvation

Give liberally and be ungrudging when you do so, for on this account the LORD your God will bless you in all your work and in all that you undertake.
Deuteronomy 15:10

Many people over the years have been a part of our churches, keeping them active in the Lord’s work. May we now do our part to keep the tradition by sharing our lives with others.
Blessings on you as we travel this journey together!

A Year Untried Before Me Lies

A year untried before me lies.
What it shall bring of strange surprise,
Of joy, or grief, I cannot tell;
But God my Father knoweth well.

I make it no concern of mine,
But leave it all with Love divine.
The sun may shed no light by day,
No stars at night illumine my way.

My soul shall still have no affright
Since God is all my life and light.
Thought all the earthly lights grow dim,
He walks in light who walks with Him.

No ill can come but He can cure,
No word doth all of good insure:
He’ll see me through the journey’s length,
For daily need give daily strength!
Hometouch – Source unknown

Choir: We are starting to practice special music for Easter time. Our next practice will be on Monday, January 19, 7:00 pm. Some weeks we may not meet, so check with the bulletin or church office. All are welcome. Please come and enjoy fun fellowship and praising our Lord with song!

Woman to Woman: “Going Deeper” has another gathering planned on Saturday, January 10, 2015, 9:00-11:00 am, at the Centennial Evangelical Free Church, 408 N. College, Grangeville. This one is “Tools for Going Deeper” a presentation by Stephanie Jordan. Why: Strengthening our walk with the Lord and our relationships with one another! Building the body of Christ in Grangeville. All women and teens are welcome.

Camas Prairie Food Bank: We need chili, Manwhich, spagettios, Pork and beans, Diced tomatoes, and Mac & cheese. Have a blessed new year from all of us. Carlene, Camas Prairie Food Bank, Inc., P.O. Box 686, Grangeville, Id. 83530, Location: 411 E. North St., 983-5475. Website is:

Finance Committee Report: This is a gentle reminder to those of you that wish to pledge your financial support to the United Methodist Church of Grangeville. Our 2015 Stewardship drive is scheduled to end January 18th. Please consider your support of the Church and help us with our financial planning by making a pledge. It is important our Church remain a part of this community and a strong messenger of God’s word. Your attendance is what makes our Church a great place to worship. Dave Poncin, Finance Chair

United Methodist Women: Thanks to all who helped in any way have another successful Christmas Bazaar and Pie Fellowship. We do still have mincemeat (frozen now) for sale. Let us know if you would like some or know someone who does!
Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 11, 10:00 am, at the church with no host lunch following. Please mark your calendars now and help us plan our year of mission work for our community, and around the world. All are invited to join us.
The Sharing Circle. Our next gathering will be on Wednesday, January 7, at 10 am, at church. We meet 2 Wednesdays a month usually. Call the church office for confirmation for meeting please. All are welcome! Please come and connect with our sisters in Christ. We are sharing and fellowship time based on the Upper Room for that day. Hope you will join us.
Spiritual Retreat: Dates for the UMW Spiritual Retreat in 2015 is April 24-25, 2015, at Twinlow Camp! Save these dates now. More details to come soon.

UMCOM: We wish to thank all those who donated recently. Your generosity has enabled us to fulfill requests for needed items. As winter approaches we can use blankets, comforters, and sheets. Also we are in need of pillows, new preferred. We also need pots, pans, and small appliances: toasters, can openers, mixers, and microwaves. We ask that items are clean and in good working condition. We are blessed to have the opportunity to work through the Human Needs Council to help individuals/families in need of household items.
Thanks from Judy Purdy, Emily Poncin, and Linda Johns!

The Snippet Corner: Starting this month, I will be inserting sermons from John Wesley in this newsletter. The sermons will be picked at random.
This sermon is called, “Awake, Thou That Sleepest,” preached on Sunday, April 4, 1742, before the University of Oxford, by the Rev Charles Wesley, M. A. student of Christ-Church.
“Awake, thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.” Eph. 5:14
In discoursing on these words, I shall with the help of God, first describe the sleepers to whom they are spoken; second, enforce the exhortation, “Awake, thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead,” and thirdly, explain the promise made to such as do awake and arise: “Christ shall give thee light.”
1. And first as to the sleepers here spoken to. By sleep is signified the natural state of man; that deep sleep of the soul, into which the sin of Adam hath cast all who spring from his loins: That supineness, indolence, and stupidity, that insensibility of his real condition, wherein every man comes into the world, and continues till the voice of God awakes him.
2. Now, “they that sleep, sleep in the night.” The state of nature is a state of utter
darkness; a state wherein “darkness covers the earth, and gross darkness the people.” The
poor unawakened sinner, how much knowledge so ever he may have as to other things,
has no knowledge of himself: in the respect “he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to
know. ” he knows not that he is a fallen spirit, whose only business in the present world,
is to recover from his fall, to regain that image of God wherein he was created he sees no
necessity for the one thing needful, even that inwards universal change, that “birth from
above, “figured out by baptism, which is the beginning of that total renovation. That
sanctification of spirit, soul, and body. “Without which no man shall see the Lord.”
3. Full of diseases as he is, he fancies himself in perfect health. Fast bound in misery and
iron, he dreams that he is at liberty, he says. “Peace! Peace! “While the devil, as “a strong,
man armed, ” is in full possession of his soul. He sleeps on still and take his rest, though
hell is moved from beneath to meet him; thought the pit from whence there is no return
hath opened its mouth to swallow him. A fire is kindled around him, yet not; yea, it burn
him, yet he lays it no to heart.
4. By one who sleeps, we are, therefore, to understand (and would to God we might all
understand it!) a sinner satisfied in his sins; contented to remain in his fallen state, to live
and die without the image of God; one who is ignorant both of his disease, and of the
only remedy for it; one who never was warned, or never regarded the warning voice of
God, ” to flee from the wrath to come,” one that never yet saw he was in danger of hell-
fire, or cried out in the earnestness of his soul, “What must I do to be saved?”
Dave Hammond, and the History Haven!


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