Methodist Messenger: February, 2015

Methodist Messenger: February, 2015
Grangeville/Nezperce/White Bird UMC
(Note: “Getting Acquainted” is about Jerry Zumalt.)

From the Pastor:

It seems like we barely have Christmas and New Year’s behind us and already we have February staring us in the face and the important church season of Lent just about to begin.

On Monday January 5th I arrived home from my morning walk to discover one of the trees in my backyard was lying on top of the parsonage due to the wind. God is so good, as there was only minimal damage. We had temporary repairs made to the parsonage roof and the tree taken off the roof. The tree company was busy out of town so the cleanup work had to wait until Tuesday Jan. 20th. At that time we had the other tree, which had been standing next to the one that came down, taken out as well as a precaution. The wood is now cut up and ready to be split. Part of the roof will need to be re-roofed at a later time. It was great to see the caring and support from so many people as they used their gifts to make connections and contact the right people needed to get the immediate work done and get the paperwork started for insurance.

This week the Grangeville choir began practicing for the Lent and Easter season. This group always has a great time and we would love to have others join us. The music is always energizing.

Our Clearwater Cluster, which is made up of the United Methodist churches in the surrounding area have a tradition of putting on a Lenten series beginning on Ash Wednesday, and continuing each Sunday afternoon after that until Easter. Last year we tried something different, but several of the churches asked that we go back to the Lenten Series model, so that is what we are doing. This year the Grangeville Church has been asked to host one of these sessions, and I look forward to having the cluster join us on March 22 at 4 pm.

Following is the 2015 Lenten Series Schedule:

Date Location Time Speaker
February 18 Asotin UMC 5:30 pm Soup supper Barbara Essen
Ash Wednesday 6:30 pm Worship

February 22 Clarkston UMC 4 pm Worship Beth Calkins
1st Sunday in Lent Fellowship following

March 8 Orchards UMC 4 pm Worship Chuck Cram
2nd Sunday in Lent Fellowship Following

March 15 Kendrick UMC 4 pm Worship Hank Heschle
3rd Sunday in Lent Fellowship Following

March 22 Grangeville UMC 4 pm Worship Kathy Walker
4th Sunday in Lent Fellowship Following

March 29 Pomeroy UMC 4 pm Worship Cody Stauffer
Palm Sunday Fellowship Following

Clearwater Cluster United Methodist Churches:
Partners in Ministry
Anatone UMC, Asotin UMC, Cavendish UMC,
Clarkston UMC, Grangeville UMC, Kendrick UMC,
Lapwai UMC, Lewiston UMC, Nezperce UMC,
Orchards UMC, Orofino UMC, Pomeroy UMC,
White Bird Community UMC
I look forward to the rest of the year as we open ourselves up to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for walking with each of us as we travel our own journeys into the depth of your spirituality. Bless us all!
Yours in Christ, Barbara

Choir: We have started to practice special music for Easter time. We practice almost every Monday, at 7:00 pm. Some weeks we may not meet, so check with the bulletin or church office. All are welcome. Please come and enjoy fun fellowship and praising our Lord with song!

Trustees Report: As you may know on January 7th one of the Spruce Trees in the west yard of the Parsonage was blown across the roof of the building. There is damage but it is not as bad as it could have been. The roof was punctured by tree limbs in twelve places, the west side gutter is damaged, and the soffit on the west side has suffered minimal damage. We took immediate action to get the tree removed and the holes in the roof sealed so water damage did not occur. We are fortunate that our insurance will cover part of the damage; our deductible is $1000. Our insurance adjuster came from Spokane on January 8th.
We have contracted with Roberts Tree service to take the fallen tree off the roof, and remove the remaining tree in the west lawn and clean up the tree debris. The trunk of the tree has been cut to firewood lengths. This work has been completed as of January20th.
We have solicited two bids to repair damage to the building and have submitted those through our adjuster to the Insurance Company. The temporary fix on the roof will weather proof the building until it warms enough to replace the roof on the west side of the building.
It has been a busy couple weeks but the plan is coming together. We will be scheduling a work day to split and stack the blocks so they will dry over the summer.
Dave Poncin, for the Trustees

Camas Prairie Food Bank: We need chili, spaghetti sauce, any and all boxed meals, (as many struggle with cooking from scratch). As always, we appreciate anything and everything! Carlene, Camas Prairie Food Bank, Inc., P.O. Box 686, Grangeville, Id. 83530, Location: 411 E. North St., 983-5475. Website is:

United Methodist Women: Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 11, 10:00 am, at the church with no host lunch following. Please mark your calendars now and help us plan our year of mission work for our community, and around the world. All are invited to join us.

The Sharing Circle. Our next gathering will be on Wednesday, February 4, at 10 am, at church. We meet 2 Wednesdays a month usually. Call the church office for confirmation for meeting please. All are welcome! Please come and connect with our sisters in Christ. We are sharing and fellowship time based on the Upper Room for that day. Hope you will join us.

Spiritual Retreat: Dates for the UMW Spiritual Retreat in 2015 is April 24-25, 2015, at Twinlow Camp! Save these dates now. More details next month.

UMCOM: We wish to thank all those who donated recently. Your generosity has enabled us to fulfill requests for needed items. As winter is here, we can use blankets, comforters, and sheets. We also need pots, pans, and small appliances: toasters, can openers, mixers, and microwaves. We ask that items are clean and in good working condition. We are blessed to have the opportunity to work through the Human Needs Council to help individuals/families in need of household items.
Thanks from Judy Purdy, Emily Poncin, and Linda Johns!

The Snippet Corner: Continued sermons of John Wesley:
5-if this sleeper be not outwardly vicious, his sleep is usually the deepest of all; where he be of the Laodicean spit, “Neither cold or hot,” but a quiet, rational, inoffensive, good-natured professor of the religion of his fathers; or where he be zealous and orthodox, and “after the most straightest sect of our religion, “live” a Pharisee; “that is, according to the scriptural account, one that justifies himself; one that labors too establish his own righteousness, as the ground of his acceptance with God.

6-this is he, who, “having a form of godliness denies the power thereof;” yea and probably reviles whosoever it is found, as mere extravagance and delusion. Meanwhile, the wretched self-deceiver thanks God, that he is “not as other men are; adulterers, unjust, extortionist;” no, he doeth no wrong at any man, he “fast twice in a week,” uses all the means of grace, is constant at church and sacrament, yes and “gives tithes of all that he has,” does all the good that he can “touching the righteousness’ of the law,” he is blameless: “he want nothing of godliness,” but the power; nothing of religion, but the spirit; nothing of Christianity, but the truth and the life.

7-But know ye not, that, however highly esteemed among men such a Christian as this may be, he is an abomination in the sight of God, and an heir of every woe which the Son of God, yesterday, today, and forever, denounces against “Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites;” he hath “made clean the outside of the cup and the platter,” but within is full of all filthiness.” An evil disease cleaved still unto him, so that his inward parts are very wickedness. Our Lord fitly compares him to a “painted sepulcher,” which “appears beautiful without,” but nevertheless, is “full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.” The bones indeed are no longer dry; the sinews and flesh are come upon them, and the skin covers them above, but there is no breath in them, no Spirit of the living God. And “if any have not the Spirit of Christ, he is not of his.” Ye are Christ’s if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you, but if not, God knoweth that ye abide in death, even until now.
Dave Hammond, and the History Haven!

Getting Acquainted: Jerry Zumalt describes himself as a county boy. His years as a smoke jumper lead him to see more county from New Mexico, California, Idaho, to the Brooks Range in Alaska, then most of us.
His birth place was at Sacramento, California on Jan. 5, 1948.
His parents were Vigil and Cathryn Zumalt and he has three younger siblings, two brothers and a sister, all still residing in California. Jerry’s dad died in1992, but his 91 year old mother still lives in California near one of his brothers.
Jerry said they lived on a 30 acre farm raising cattle and hogs. He was in 4-H for 10 years and went to a one room school house in Roseville, CA up to the 6th grade. Then he said he experienced culture shock when the military came in and built a full blow elementary and Junior High School. There were some 2000 students in high school, but because he played football and baseball, he got along OK.
Redding had a six month jumping off season so he attended there at the community college at night to UC Davis to get personal financial planning certificate following high school. He was always interested in that.
He attended Sierra College for two years earning his Associate Degree and then went to Chicago State to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture and business management. He graduated from Chicago State in 1971. He said he played baseball at Sierra.
Jerry was able to work for the Forrest Service during the summer months which made him able to pay for his college education.
He received a fellowship to go to Theological Seminary University, of Chicago School of Divinity and received his Master’s Degree in Theology.
Jerry said he was interested in what the bible scholars were saying and thinking about scripture. He soon got tired of the big city life and returned to Redding to work for the Forest Service. He transferred to Boise, ID and was a smoke jumper there. When they closed the base, he worked for himself as a timber contractor cutting trees for one year.
In 1975 he returned to Redding and again worked as a smoke jumper. He was injured Aug. 1, 1978 when he landed on a pile of rocks and broke his femur. The town of Layaltos was being threatened by fire. Jerry was the first one out of the plane, he said. One year later he was back Smoke jumping until the spring of 1994. He was injured smoke jumping on another occasion when his parachute did not open, got tangled in a tree, and while trying to repel down he fell 50 feet and broke some ribs. He crawled away.
A friend introduced him to Jackie around 1983, and they were married in Redding in her back yard in 1985.
Their son Andrew was born in Redding, CA and is 27 years old. He currently is living in Boise as a stand-up comedian.

In 1994 they moved to Grangeville. Dave Poncin, with the Idaho Forrest Service approved his transfer. Jerry said his family had originally homesteaded near Weiser, ID before transferring to California. They returned to visit relatives many times which made him familiar with some parts of Idaho.
In 2002 he worked as an operations foreman, then became the aviation officer for Clearwater and Nezperce National forest. He retired from this job in 2005. Jerry said he has been in the cockpit of plenty of planes on radio and navigation, in DC3’s and twin engine planes. He no longer has a desire to fly in one.
Jerry has worked for the county as the Emergency Manager for almost ten years now.
He is also involved with Pine Tree Community Credit Union and was able to get a branch office started in Riggins a number of years ago.
Jerry said that when they moved to Grangeville, his son enjoyed attending the Sunday school class at the Methodist Church, and he went with him. They only occasionally, stayed for the service. He was too busy during the summer. When Rev. Joel served the church here, he talked Jerry into chairing the Administration Council and he has been on it ever since.
He is currently leading the Sunday morning adult education class at Grangeville UMC.
He still enjoys the outdoors, fly fishing and hunting. In the summer, he likes to raise a small garden.

NOTE: (This will be my 33rd and last article for our newsletter. Sue Fox has agreed to continue on.
I wish to thank all those members who have given me the time to interview and write their story and share with our fellow Christian friends.) Submitted by Shirley Smith.


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