Prayer requests from April 19

Prayers of Concern:
For Doug Gregg’s family as he died this week (this is Lenora Gregg’s brother), by Clyde Hanson
For Echo Essen, Pastor Barbara’s daughter as she had a seizure and will have a test and see the doctor on Monday – also for her Mom, by Denis Long
For Dean Payne as he recovers slowly from pneumonia, by Denis Long
For Matt and Heather Paulsen as Matt still has transplant complications but is slowly improving, by Ron and Linda Johns
For my cousin’s grandson, Travis, recovering from a stroke and heart transplant, by Ron and Linda Johns
For Tom, my friend for peace, by Dave Hammond
Prayers for Travel Mercies:
For Ron and Linda Johns as they travel to visit family.
Prayers of Praise:
For Ron’s excellent 2 year post-transplant check-up. Many thanks for your prayers, by Ron and Linda Johns
For prayers, thanks! We are all doing well, by Lenora Gregg
For my family who seems to be on the way back to better health, by Carol Warden

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