Prayers from worship May 17

Prayers of Concern:
We are still in need of a chair person/co-chair persons for our annual Strawberry Shortcake Booth on July 4th!!! If we do not have someone soon, it will NOT happen Sad smile
Please prayerfully consider helping us as it has been a tradition for years and not a hard job, just need someone to make sure it is organized!!
Please let Rose Mangini know if you can help or know of someone who might, thanks!!
Prayers for Travel mercies:
Clyde as he goes to Spokane next Saturday to pick up Marietta from her place, by Clyde Hanson
Judy Purdy and Pauline Smith as they travel away to go on an Alaskan cruise!! Have FUN ladies!!! Winking smile
Prayers of Praise:
Our daughter, Joyce had successful surgery Wednesday morn and is recovering at home under the watchful eye of Mom, (Marietta) by Clyde Hanson
As my grand daughter, Rachael as she celebrates her 9th birthday today, by Judy Purdy

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