Prayer requests from worship on June 28

Prayers of Concern:
For the fires, the workers, and the ones affected as this hot weather continues
For my friends, Father Ferdie and Daniel in WI, by Dave Hammond
For Loraine, my oldest sister, for blood clot in leg after knee surgery, by Shirley Smith
For Don, husband, who will have reconstructive shoulder surgery on Tuesday, June 30, in Lewiston, by Carol Warden
Prayers of Praise:
For my grandson, Jacob, as he survived both a motorcycle wreck and an ATV rollover accident in the last 2 weeks relatively unscratched! Hallelujah!! (Where’s the bubble wrap?), by Carol Warden
For my daughter Rebecca who was released from the hospital this morning (Sunday) after 3 days of dealing with a very inflamed colon, by Carol Warden
Prayer for Travel Mercy:
For my grand daughter, Breanna and her girls as they travel here for the 4th, by Shirley Smith

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