Prayer requests from worship on September 27

Prayers of Concern:
For Ruth Brennecke, my grandma, had a hernia operation. They founds another block and she is back in the hospital, by Sonny Robison
For Teri Eddings Evans who has the following family health issues: (by Carol Warden)
    Dad, Larry is in the hospital for 2 pace-maker implants
    Brother, Gary is in the hospital with blood clot in lung
    Daughter with mental health challenges
    Husband in Russia on business
For Rebecca Warden who will have surgery on Wednesday, by Carol Warden
For Mellody, my sister-in-law, who is having trouble transitioning from being married to being alone, by Lenora Gregg
For Reyna Phillips, River’s mother, who has bad infection in leg causing extreme pain, by Rose Mangini

Prayer requests from September 20

Prayers of Concern:
For Nelma Spears as she had had another stroke and her condition is very bleak, by Dave Hammond
For Tom Paul as he is having a difficult recovery from a stroke, and is headed for Sal Lake City to a specialist, by Sharon Cox
Prayers of Praise:
Thank all of you for your prayers for Ron’s medical appt. yesterday, which went well with no major concerns. We are blessed to have our caring church family, by Ron and Linda Johns
The John Urbahn’s had a celebration of life as Tomiann’s husband is dong well recovering from brain tumor.  Also, John and Annell have been married 30 years, Kurt got married, and Jonna is having a baby due Oct. 9!!

Prayer requests from worship on September 6

Prayers of Concern:
For Bernie Golz as he has taken a fall in Lewiston on Saturday, By Dave Hammond
For Bernie’s knee that gave out and he fell last week. He had his knee brace on too! by Joanie
For Heather and Matt Paulsen. For Matt’s post-transplant complications of skin and movement pain; his relationship with his young son; and keeping up his hopes/spirit, by Linda and Ron Johns
For Crisie Reed of Nezperce UMC who is not well, by Denis Long
For the many refugees and their situation
For Firefighters as some go home, some go to other fires, and some continue here, –especially hold up in prayer Jerry Zumalt
For teachers and kids as school started
Prayers for travel mercies:
For Karen Payne as she travels back to Bellingham, by Denis Long
Prayers of Praise:
For Jim Fox coming this morning and reading for us
For Sharon Nine’s Happy Birthday
For the RAIN!
For the wonderful African decorations as this month start our fund raising for our orphanage, thanks Marietta