Prayer requests from worship on January 3, 2016

Prayers of Concern:
For Barbara Monty, my sister in Vista, CA who broke her hip 2 months ago. It is not healing right and had to be placed in assisted living as husband is in the hospital, by Clyde Hanson
For George Monty, my brother-in-law, in Vista, CA, who tried to take care of his wife 24/7. Too much for him and ended in hospital over Christmas. Now in Recovery center, by Clyde Hanson
For Jack and Susan, my long time CA friends, as Jack battles lung cancer (stage 4), by Rose Mangini
For Tom Humphrie for safe trip to Monroe, WA. He is our son-in-law and drove here from Austin, TX, by Shirley Smith
For family of Jeanette Vreiling as she passed away this week. Their grand daughter had died unexpectedly the first part of December and son-in-law’s mother passed last month, by Carol Warden
For those flooded by the breakage levees, by Dave Hammond
Prayer of Praise:
Lucky to have Katy Fox’s original here at church. Our piece appreciates as her fame grows!

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