Prayer requests from worship on April 24

Prayers of Concern:
For Carol Warden as she will have surgery on Monday morning to have a plate put in her left wrist.
Also, Carol asks for us to hold up in prayer her daughter Rebecca and grandson Jacob.
For Lee Ann McMasters, NP, as her cancer is growing and is having surgery this week, by Denis Long.
For Dave Jonson, my friend in Lewiston, who had a bad heart attack, by Dave Hammond.
Prayers of Praise:
For rocks (to form a pretend waterfall) on the altar. Marietta carried those in a wheeled suitcase. Thanks for her her creativity!

Prayer requests from worship on April 17:

Prayers of Concern:
For Howard Donaldson’s family as Howard was killed in an auto accident this week, Clyde and Marietta Hanson
For Will Staver family has he passed away this week, by Clyde Hanson
For Darlene West in the passing of her husband, Paul, by Dave Hammond
For Katharine, a friend of Barbara as she is struggling with Jesus as Lord, by Barbara Essen
For Ellea, my grand daughter as she fractured the bone right above her knee cap, by Rose Mangini (She is going to have other knee x-rayed Monday as it is hurting too)
Prayer of Praise:
Spoke to Joanie this morning and she told me to let everyone know Bernie and she are healing, by Dave Hammond

Prayer requests from worship on April 10

Prayers of Concern:
For my friend, Bruce Kroetch, who has thyroid cancer and has gone from South Dakota to Houston, TX for extended treatment, by Clyde Hanson
For Gary Longmore who has cancer, by Buzz and Shirley Smith
For family and friends of Audrey Randall. Audrey died last week of heart issues (She is my husband, Don’s cousin) by Carol Warden
For Crosby family and for the Conklin family, by Dave Hammond
For continued healing of Joanie and Bernie Golz
Prayers for travel mercies:
For our grand daughter and great grand daughters as they travel home today, by Shirley and Buzz Smith
Prayers of Praise:
For Jackie Zumalt who was best of show at the art show in Grangeville this week!
For birth of Mason Emmett Holman to Matt & Melissa Holman on April 7, 2016, by great aunt, Carl Warden
For the church’s choir who will be sharing songs at the Rehab. Center at 3 today!