Prayer Requests from worship on August 28

Prayers of Concern:
For my grand daughter, Ellea as she has pain in her right hip, by Rose Mangini
For Bob Buckendorf (67), brother of our son-in-law, who had a strong stroke. The family was taking him off life support Saturday night, by Marietta Hanson
For our school kids and teachers
For all struggling people and responders
For the election and for our president
Prayer of Praise:
Andrew Zumalt is 29 years old today, praise the Lord.

Prayer requests from worship on August 21, 2016

Prayers of Concern:

For those people who lost loved ones down in LA, by Dave Hammond
For Matt Payne as he is doing tests to determine cause of health issues. Pray for good results, by Sue Crea
For My friend, Sue Rego in Hawaii. She has begun chemo and is dealing with it well so far. Pray for continued good results, by Sue Crea
Prayers of Praise:
Jackie Zumalt won Best of Show on her art piece at Idaho County Fair, by Sue Crea
Lincoln Sigler was in his first parade with Grandma, Mom and Dad in the Cottonwood fire truck, by Sue Crea
Barbara Cleary won the Wheat Growers award for her while wheat bread, by Sue Crea

Prayer requests from worship August 14:

Prayers of Concern:
For Tess Schumacher to stay safe as she travels back from CA, by Shirley Smith
For Larry Smith, Buzz’s brother as he is in end stage of life. Pray for his wife, Nicki and family, by Shirley Smith
For Brian Thorps, our WA friend as he is losing weight, dizzy and in spite of many tests, doctors do not know why, by Shirley Smith
For Bill Day as he has liver cancer, by Barbara Essen

Prayer requests from worship 8/7

Prayers of Concern:
For our wild land fire people. We pray for their safety and health, by Dave Poncin
For the people in New Orleans and for the family of Guellottas, by Dave Hammond
For 3 at local hospital this last week: 13 year old tried to commit suicide, 50 year old with broken leg, severe puncture wound (considerable blood loss) after 4 wheeler accident alone – stranger helped him, and someone with blood clot in vein to brain, airlifted to Lewiston and then Spokane
For little Chloe (16 months old) grand daughter of Dan and Cynthia Mattson, daughter of Tiffany. Doctors still trying to figure out what is going on with her. Prayers continue. 
Prayers of Praise:
For all Purple Heart Recipient today as it is “National Purple Heart Day,” by Clyde Hanson
Rebecca is recovering well from emergency surgery to repair a bowel obstruction, by Carol Warden

Methodist Messenger: August/September, 2016

Make a place in your busy summer schedule for Sunday morning worship and fellowship. Be blessed and be a blessing.

From the Pastor:   

It is difficult to realize that August is already here.  The summer is just flying by. From General Conference in May, to Annual Conference and then the Jurisdictional conference The United Methodist Church has been busy. Our Conference was appointed a new Bishop effective the first of September.  She is Elaine Stanovsky who originally came out of our conference. Our current Bishop Grant Hagiya has been appointed to the Cal-Pacific Conference. Our District Superintendent Dale Cockrum retired July 1st and our new D.S. is Gregg Sealey. He visited here last week to see the churches and get some picture and feel for our communities. I hope that you all have an opportunity to get to know him at some point while he is D.S.

As most of you know I will be retiring next year and the church has sent out a survey to use as a discussion starter as the churches look to the future. Many of you have returned these but if you haven’t feel free to continue to return them or add comments as you think of them.  The more impute that the committee receives, and the more people voicing their opinions the better the discussions will be and the church will have a more accurate idea of what we need and want for the future.  Every voice counts, no matter how long you have been a part of the parish, we all have ideas, Please let your voice be heard!

As we look to the fall schedule I will be offering a small group study on Wednesday night at 6 pm beginning September 14th   in Grangeville. Watch for more information as it becomes available. For those of you in White Bird, I can do a study there as well and we can talk about a time and place later.  Let me know if there are activities or things that you would like to see taking place here in our churches. I am always open to new ideas. Thanks be to God!

Barbara Essen

REMINDER:  In case you did not get your survey to us, be sure to do that please. It’s never too late! Thanks for the ones we have!!

Choir practice:  Our choir practice started on Monday, September 19, 7 pm. We are learning the music for maybe a couple of specials around Thanksgiving and several for Advent!!! Please come and enjoy fun fellowship and praising our Lord with song!

HOPE FOR THE CHILDREN–JAMAA LETU ORPHANAGE: It is time to collect funds to support our 3 orphans at the Jamaa Letu Orphanage in the Republic of Congo. Our dollars add up so any amount helps! To support an orphan, we are asked to submit $493.00 per child. With each of us giving a little, we can do this again! Please prayerfully consider helping.Last year we sent funds for Patricia and Emmanie to help with loving care, shelter, food, clothing, medical care, school uniforms and an education that hopefully will give them a career and independence so important to these children.

United Methodist Women also sent a scholarship of $500.00, to help of the older orphan, Ruth. Ruth is now at her own request living with her brother who is a captain in the army.

As of this fall, there will be 10 new students from the orphanage starting college! The youngest of the students who entered college last November is Benitha Tshala.  We will be supporting her for the next several years. She is called Benee’ and started school in Medical Science at the University of Lubumbashi satellite, a private school for the medical board. Benee’ wants to be a RN nurse. She likes to read, especially romances; likes magazines about modeling. Below is a picture of her and our 2 orphans, taken in May, 2016.

School Supply Donations needed: This year, Community Action Partnership, YWCA, Opportunities Unlimited & Real Life are partnering to provide a bigger and better school supply drive for School District 244 and homeschoolers in our community. A complete list of needed items are in the Fellowship Room.

There is a box in the Entry for the items for your convenience and will be delivered. (Donation Deadline: Friday, August 12.)  Any help will be appreciated.

Checks can be made to and mailed to: YWCA, 221 W. Main #21, Grangeville, ID 22530.

New District Superintendent as of July 1, 2016: Rev. Gregg Sealey is our new Inland District Superintendent!

Gregg comes to us from his previous appointment at Spokane: Covenant UMC.  He and his wife, Jennifer, have two children.  As a family, they enjoy hiking, biking, lifting weights, yoga, kayaking, and canoeing.  Gregg also enjoys reading, journaling, watching films, and practicing contemplative meditation.

Prior to becoming a pastor, Gregg was a physical therapist for seven years.  While he enjoyed being a part of peoples’ healing journeys, he knew that he ultimately had to follow the tug on his heart to lead whole communities to find healing, health, and wholeness.  Gregg followed that passion to seminary in Kansas City, served a church in Leavenworth, KS, and followed a path back to the Pacific Northwest.  Mentoring, coaching and leadership development are a part of Gregg’s vision for how he will serve as a District Superintendent.

In Gregg’s own words, “I see myself as this powerful, passionate and playful ‘Adventure Guide’ who helps people not just get to a destination, but pay deep attention to the steps on the journey toward wholeness.”

Camas Prairie Food Bank: Our special needs right now are: Rice—any kind, pancake mix, syrup, chili, canned mixed vegetables, fruit. (We have lots of green beans, corn and tuna.) Tuna helper would be nice as everyone is getting canned tuna as well as a package of frozen meat. Blessings to all of you! Carlene of the Camas Prairie Food Bank, Inc., P.O. Box 686, Grangeville, Id.  83530, Location: 411 E. North St., 983-5475.  Website is:

Trustee News:

The Trustees are soliciting a painting contractor to paint the trim on the Church.  There are several other items that will be needing attention and be included in this contract.  We want to have this work done by October 15th before bad weather sets in.  Work will include:

Prep and paint the fascia and soffits of the building.

Clean and tighten the gutters.

Attic vents on North and South side of the Church will be painted.

Windows on the Church are vinyl and need not to be painted.  Apart of this job will include checking each window, removing any accumulation of fungus, cleaning the weep holes, tighten any loose nails and replace any missing caulk.

We will not be painting the area around the front entrance

North wall vinyl, wash down the vinyl siding with a combination of bleach and Dawn dish soap.  This job includes the alley vinyl.

East side, tighten the soffit, caulk and screw loose boards in place and paint.

Alley east door, tighten loose b boards and caulk prior to painting

Alley main door and frame, paint.

Bell tower louvres we will leave as is.

We will keep the colors that are present on our structure; they were selected by the Architect and seem to match well.  Some areas will need priming prior to painting.

Because of the variety of the work we are requesting we are asking for quotes rather than bids, this way we can adjust the costs based on unforeseen work we may encounter.

The investment market has been good to us; we have dollars in the Building Fund to cover this work.

We will consider painting the parsonage in the spring prior to our new Pastor moving in.

For the Trustees, Dave Poncin

United Methodist Women (UMW):  Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 14, 10:00 am.  All are invited to join us.

The Sharing Circle.  Our next gathering for this fellowship time in August will be planned a week at a time. In September we will try to meet 2 Wednesdays a month. Call the church office for confirmation for meeting please. All are welcome!  Please come and connect with our sisters in Christ. We are sharing and fellowship time based on the Upper Room for that day. Hope you will join us.

Annual Strawberry Shortcake Booth: This annual event was again a BIG success! Thanks to all who helped! Many hands made light work! We do not have the final costs yet but we cleared close to $2,000.00!! Praise our Lord for the wonderful weather, support of our extended church family, and our community!!

UMW will be replacing the drapes in the yoga/choir room with new blinds soon. Our annual mission outreach pledge will be easy to fulfill. Thanks again everyone!

UMW Project: Days For Girls – Greetings, Sisters in Christ! Anyone interested in helping make these, I will see to it that they are taken to the meeting in October. Below is our Conference person in charge of this project: I want to share information about a hands-on project that the Conference team is inviting you to participate in. That is making washable sanitary pads and bringing them to our Conference UMW Annual Meeting at Ronald UMC in October. We are partnering with an organization called Days For Girls (DFG). DFG pro-vides washable sanitary pads to 200,000+ girls and women in 85 countries on 6 continents. Female students typically miss one month of school per school year because they don’t have sanitary pads. DFG also helps young women to remember that their bodies are their own, and that they are worthy of health, opportunity and dignity. To get the patterns and very specific instructions, go to I will be certain to have patterns and information available for you in the Mission room at Mission u as well. See you there!! Linda Key

The Snippet Corner: Continuing of “What is the difference between Catholics and Protestants?”

Another disagreement between Catholicism is over the office and authority of the Pope. According to Catholicism the Pope is the “Vicar of Christ” (a vicar is a substitute) and takes the place of Jesus as the visible Head of the church. As such the Pope has the ability to speak ex cathedra (with authority on matters of faith and practice), making his teachings infallible and binding upon Christians. On the other hand, Protestants believe that no human being is infallible and that Christ alone is the Head of the Church, Catholics rely on apostolic succession as a way of trying to establish the Pope’s authority. Protestants believe that the church’s authority comes not from apostolic succession but from the Word of God. Spiritual power and authority do not rest in the hands of a mere man but in the very Word of God.

Dave Hammond —the history hound!

Cristo Vive International:  This is a camp with this mission: Provide children and youth with disabilities and their families an opportunity to experience the love of God and faith in Christ through a fun and engaging camp experience.

This year the Idaho one is from August 9-13, at the ALACCA Bible Camp, Harpster. It costs $400.00 per child and helper. For more information call 208 451-4626, or check out their website:

Claudine’s Story: When both of her parents died, Claudine Nyota and her siblings were left to fend for themselves – away from their village and living in the big city of Lubumbashi. Her older brother begged door-to-door for money for chores to support them. School was important, but there was no money for bus fare to get there and she often fainted en route from hunger. A couple years after the Jamaa Letu Orphanage for girls was founded, her pastor arranged for her to live there. She was twelve years old.

Today, 14 years later, Claudine is the first university graduate from the orphanages with a degree in Nutrition. She is also the mentor and leader of the students who are following her path. There are currently 10 students at various universities with 12 more eligible in the next two years. One young woman will graduate next month with a degree in law.

Both the General Conference in mid-May and The PNW Annual Conference in late June were graced with Nyota’s presence. She spoke at a rally for the environment during General Conference and she told her personal story on Saturday morning of Annual Conference. Several churches in the Conference were able to meet her and hear her story. We, the people of The PNW Conference, are proud of her accomplishments and how she represents the ministry of the Jamaa Letu Orphanages.

Other members of the Bishop’s Task Force on Hope for the Children of Africa shared the history of the orphanages and the financial needs today to support it. Many on the Conference floor are already supporters and others were challenged to start.

Her full name is Claudine Nyota Kasongo. At home it would be Kasongo Nyota Claudine. Claudine’s friends and supporters have begun to call her Blessing because she is one. It’s a nickname that fits.

The Jamaa Letu Orphanages for boys and for girls is a ministry of The United Methodist Church in the South Congo Conference (Africa) and The Pacific Northwest Conference. Donations may be made through your local church or directly to the Treasurer’s Office of the PNW Conference. Visit On Facebook, search: Hope for the Children of Africa

(From Channels #94

Her full name is Claudine Nyota Kasongo. At home it would be Kasongo Nyota Claudine. Claudine’s friends and supporters have begun to call her Blessing because she is one. It’s a nickname that fits.

The Jamaa Letu Orphanages for boys and for girls is a ministry of The United Methodist Church in the South Congo Conference (Africa) and The Pacific Northwest Conference. Donations may be made through your local church or directly to the Treasurer’s Office of the PNW Conference. Visit On Facebook, search: Hope for the Children of Africa

(From Channels #94


Prayer requests from worship 7/31 plus others

Prayers of Concern:
For Cynthia & Dan Mattson’s granddaughter, Chloe who is very ill. Note by Tiffany on facebook 7/31 at 3 pm: Well, we will be staying at the hospital at least for one more night, maybe more if they can’t figure out what’s going on. At least we have good friends to come and entertain Chloe. I can’t thank you all enough for coming to our rescue today. And thank you to everyone who has been praying. She isn’t throwing up anymore and can keep liquids down. We just have to do a lot of tests to figure out what else is going on.
For Buzz Smith for his skin cancer to heal well, by Shirley Smith
For Betty Aikin as Bill Bump died. They were together for 18 years, by Shirley Smith
For Donna Colley of NP who had a stroke at her 90th birthday party
For Betty June Wadley’s family as she went home to heaven, by Dave Hammond
Prayers of Celebration:
Jane Carlson’s eyes are healing good
Welcome to Phillip Golde, our new school music teacher
Prayers of Travel Mercies:
For my sister and her husband, Wanda and Dale, as they travel home by car for 3 days from here. Praise to the Lord for a great visit from them!! by Rose Mangini