Prayer requests from worship 8/7

Prayers of Concern:
For our wild land fire people. We pray for their safety and health, by Dave Poncin
For the people in New Orleans and for the family of Guellottas, by Dave Hammond
For 3 at local hospital this last week: 13 year old tried to commit suicide, 50 year old with broken leg, severe puncture wound (considerable blood loss) after 4 wheeler accident alone – stranger helped him, and someone with blood clot in vein to brain, airlifted to Lewiston and then Spokane
For little Chloe (16 months old) grand daughter of Dan and Cynthia Mattson, daughter of Tiffany. Doctors still trying to figure out what is going on with her. Prayers continue. 
Prayers of Praise:
For all Purple Heart Recipient today as it is “National Purple Heart Day,” by Clyde Hanson
Rebecca is recovering well from emergency surgery to repair a bowel obstruction, by Carol Warden

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