Prayer requests from Worship service on Sunday, November 13

Prayers of Concern:

For Boys orphanage at Jamaa Letu, as the lost a lady caregiver (heart attack). Children are confused, by Rose Mangini
For Jerry Cox as no reason was found for unresponsiveness, another dr. on 21st
For Christen Johns as she begins physical therapy for an ankle injury, by Linda Johns
For my friend Ferdidand Kukoa, by Dave Hammond
For Jan Maggerson, by Dave Hammond
For Sonny’s Mom
For travel back home by Jane Carlson
Prayers of Praise:
Pete Lane is doing well
Prayers answered for our grand daughter, Chloe who is out of the hospital and doing very well. Praise God and thank you everyone for all your prayers, by Dan and Cynthia Mattson
For Tiffany’s family and parents coming and sharing their story today!
Thanks to Barbara Cleary for a great Sunday school lesson
For special music by Joe Cladouhos as offertory “Because He Lives!” and all the other ways we praised our Lord together

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