Methodist Messenger: January, 2017

From the Pastor:   

2016 is over and I would like to thank everyone who contributed toward my Christmas present from the congregation. I pray that our Christmas celebrations brought you hope, peace, love and joy. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it special.

The New Year has now begun and we find ourselves in a deep freeze. This week the weather is predicted to be cold, possibly below 0 degrees.  The last few weeks have been interesting as well, with lots of snow and blowing wind causing drifts that curtailed our activities. Many of us have been busy shoveling snow, helping others get plowed out, or hunkering down waiting to get plowed out.  It is a time when many suffer from depression and the weather only makes it worse. It is also a time when the number of deaths rises and we have seen several in our community the last several weeks. Please keep those who struggle or are grieving in your prayers. And yet each day has had its surprises.

I am reminded that each day does hold surprises. But only if we expect it can we see, hear, or feel it when they come to us.   The surprises may come to us as sorrow or as joy, but God tells us not to be afraid of it.  Just as he told Mary and the Shepherds to not be afraid.  Surprises open up new places in our hearts, a place where we can welcome new friends and celebrate more fully our shared humanity.  The weather we have been dealing with lately came to many as a surprise.  Some embraced it with joy thinking about the great skiing or other winter play activities they enjoy, others saw it as a hindrance and lots of work. Because we haven’t seen this kind of weather for many years, we forgot about how it impacts our lives. Yet it has brought both joy and sorrow.

It seems that joy and sorrow are never separated. When our hearts rejoice at a spectacular view, we may miss our friends who cannot see it, and when we are overwhelmed with grief, we may discover what true friendship is all about. Joy is hidden in sorrow and sorrow in joy.  If we try to avoid sorrow at all cost, we may never taste joy.  Henri J.M. Nouwen a noted theologian of the 20th century, says that joy and sorrow are the parents of our spiritual growth. Think about it.

This year may we embrace the surprises in our lives, both the joys and the sorrows, knowing that God walks with us and sustains us, and may God’s presence shine thru our lives bringing Glory to God in everything. Praise the Lord!

Yours in Christ,     Barbara


NOTE: We still have some Mincemeat –in freezer (meatless too). It is $8 a quart.


Cards of Joy and Friendship: This year I am so pleased that the council has allowed me to become your benevolence officer. Beneficent is the act of doing good, performing acts of kindness and charity. “To promote prosperity and happiness with benevolent actions.” I would be the person who would send out cards or e-cards for someone who is ill, sad, grieving, shut-in, or just needs a pick me up. Birthdays and anniversaries would be nice to know as well. Just send me an e-mail,

or a note, or call 509 969 8442, or at church, so that I can respond with some kind of communication. E-mails are very important as my cards go out on this method. Not everyone has an e-mail so if need be, I’ll mail a card. We all need connection with each other and I so hope this makes people fulfilled and happy. Love to all Anne Tipton


Choir practice:  Choir Practice continues in Grangeville on Mondays at 7:00 pm. Next practice is Monday, January 16. We are starting to practice songs for Lent/Easter. All welcome. Please come and enjoy fun fellowship and praising our Lord with song!


Camas Prairie Food Bank: Needs are: canned veggies-chili-stew and other meal helpers. Thanks again to all of you and have a blessed new year.
Carlene and all the volunteers. Camas Prairie Food Bank, Inc., P.O. Box 686, Grangeville, Id.  83530, Location: 411 E. North St., 983-5475.

Website is:


Trustee Report – Year End, 2016:

This report will share some of the highlights of year 2016 of work accomplished to the Church by the Trustees and high light some of the work that needs to be done.

  • Conducted a spring work day to clean up around the Church, trim the shrubs, and wash windows, general clean-up, thirteen people attended this day.
  • Painted trim on the outside of the Church, caulked the windows, and washed the vinyl siding as well as cleaning and tightening the gutters. This work was contracted.
  • Craig Spencer and Gavin Lewis did the lawn care this year.
  • Replaced molding in the Narthex. Norm Rice cut and fitted the molding Linda Johns stained and finished.
  • Also completed routine maintenance, checked fire extinguishers, managed janitorial contract, arranged to have needed work done etc.

Some work we will be trying to accomplish in 2017:

  • Paint the Parsonage.
  • Before July, have the Parsonage professionally cleaned for our new Pastor.
  • Conduct a spring work day at the Church.
  • And certainly more stuff will need to be done to keep our Church home looking good.

Thanks to the Trustees and to the people that have contributed their time and efforts to keeping our Church in good repair.

For the Trustees, Dave Poncin January 2, 2017


Finance Committee Report: This is a gentle reminder to those of you that wish to pledge your financial support to the United Methodist Church of Grangeville.  Our 2017 Stewardship drive is scheduled to end January 8th.  Please consider your support of the Church and help us with our financial planning by making a pledge.   It is important our Church remain a part of this community and a strong messenger of God’s word.  Your attendance is what makes our Church a great place to worship. (Pledges are always welcome any time of the year.)


UMCOM: Now we are in need of new pillows and warm large blankets too (we have a lot of lap sized blankets). And we are short on cooking utensils, like spatulas, measuring cups, vegetable peelers etc. Thanks from Emily Poncin, Jane Carlson, Lenora Gregg, Cathy Vanella, and Linda Johns!


United Methodist Women (UMW):  Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 8, 10:00 am, at the church with no host lunch following.  All are invited to join us. This year’s officers will be installed by UMW District President, Madelyn Bafus (weather permitting travel from Spokane. Our annual Christmas Bazaar and Pie Fellowship was again a great success!! Thanks to all who helped make it so!


The Purpose of UMW: The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose PURPOSE is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the United Methodist Church.


UMW Social Justice Priorities 2016–2020: You are invited to engage actively in four priority justice issues. Go to the website listed below for more information. These include:

  • Economic Inequality
  • Climate Justice
  • Criminalization of Communities of Color
  • Maternal and Child Health


The Sharing Circle.  Our next gathering will be on most Wednesdays, at church in Pastor Barbara’s office.  We meet 2 Wednesdays a month usually. Call the church office for confirmation for meeting please. All are welcome!  Please come and connect with our sisters in Christ. We are sharing and fellowship time based on the Upper Room for that day. Hope you will join us.


UMW Spiritual Retreat on March 31-April 2, 2017, Spiritual Retreat, Lazy F, Ellensburg WA,  at Lazy F Camp, 16170 Manastach Road, Ellensburg, WA. Theme: “Lover of My Soul.”  Plan is to offer Yoga for Beginner and young at heart, insightful Bible study, Exercise class, crafts, nature walk, and Saturday Night ice cream social. Registration due by February 24, 2017. Cost is $80-$90, for 6 meals and cabin bunks.


Mission u 2016: Here are some Climate Justice videos – check them out: The Story of Stuff – Bottled water – https:/; United Mission in Nepal (UMN) Climate change is real –


The Snippet Corner:  The Sermon of John Wesley Sermon 48: Self- Denial

  1. It is for this reason, that so many Ministers of Christ in almost every age and nation, particularly since the Reformation of the Church from the Innovations and corruptions gradually crept into it, have wrote and spoke so largely on this important duty, both in their public discourses and private exhortations. This induced them to dispense abroad many tracts upon the subject; and some in our own nation. They knew both from the oracles of God, and from the testimony of their own experience, how impossible it was not to deny our Master, unless we will deny ourselves; and how We attempt to follow Him that was crucified, unless we take up our cross daily.

The History Haven, Dave Hammond, Church’s Historian


Happiness – keeps you sweet

Trails         – keep you strong

Failures       – keep you humble

And God     – keeps you going!



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