Prayers of Concern from worship on February 26

Prayers of Concern:
For my cousin, Nancy, who is having breast cancer surgery on Tuesday, Feb. 28, by Linda Johns
For Stephanie & Kevin Lewis, our neighbors whose father Gary Johnson of Kamiah died unexpectedly Tuesday morning on way to Lewiston. He was 58 years old, by Chris, Lili, Allisa, and Hope Einer
For Anne and Clark as we need your prayers for our health and continued move, by Anne Tipton
For my friend, Joan Wheatley as she is the one who had a stroke but is still learning to swallow, by Dave Hammond
For my penpal, Fredie. I wish I knew he was OK as he went back to Tanzanita, by Dave Hammond
Prayer of Travel Mercies:
For Lewis and Johnson family as they travel to Gary’s funeral, by Chris Einer
Prayer of Praise:
Happy Birthday to Lili Elizabeth Einer who is 10 years old today, by Chris, Alissa, and Hope Einer

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