Prayer requests from Worship on April 9:

Prayers of Concern:

For Jeanette, my sister for her acceptance of and for her strength to deal with Stage 2 pancreatic cancer, by Emily Poncin
For Dave and Emily Poncin, for safe travel to and from Seattle and for the consult appt. on Tuesday, April 11, by Linda Johns. For meeting with doctor on Tuesday to schedule surgery and travel mercies, by Sue Crea
For Moran family of Egypt as this morning at about 2 am our time a bomb went off in the Catholic church in Egypt, 21 people killed and over 200 hurt. Among the injured is my friend and classmate, Philip Moran, his wife, and 3 year old twin daughters. Prayers for the victims on this Palm Sunday by terrorist attack in Egypt,  by Christopher Einer
For Joann Wheatly who is in Cour d’Alene hospital as she is learning to swallow, by Dave Hammond
For Bailey family in the loss of John Bailey II, by Dave Hammond
For my friend and UMW president of Asotin, Janice Walker as she recovers and does therapy for stroke she had on April 1, by Rose Mangini

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