Prayer requests from worship on April 23:

Prayers of Concern:

For Dave Poncin for healing and for Emily and family for strength and peace. Dave is doing better and their son, David is there. He has lifted all their spirits.
For my grand daughter, Ellea and her family as she sees a specialist on Tuesday, April 25, for her ongoing leg pain, by Rose Mangini
For my ongoing belly pain and dr. apt. on Wednesday, April 16, by Rose Mangini
For Karen Teff as she deals with Pneumonia, by Shirley Smith
For Jessie Hackford who had surgery last Monday and Tuesday at Salt Lake City for her stage 3 cancer and will know more on treatments this Friday, by Clyde Hanson
For family of Alane Haener Robie who died this week at the age of 53 (youngest child of Earl and Aggie Haener, and a 4-H leader who impacted many lives with her good cheer). Her death was a shock to her whole family who will need continued prayers.
Prayers of Praise:
Clyde Hanson turned 29 again on Friday, April 21, let’s sing Happy Birthday.
Amy Sigler has improved and is a Rehab. center which is helping her, by Ron Sigler
Choir and Wendy Lindsley’s special music was great!!

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