Prayer requests from worship on May 14

Prayers of Concern:

For Laura Vawter and family as she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is on Hospice
For Anne Tipton for her eye surgery on Wednesday (that she can see fantastic) and for her back surgery later, by Dave Hammond
For Dave Poncin as he recovers from procedures in Seattle and his family also
For Harry Owens family as he was killed in an auto accident this week, by Clyde Hanson
For Scott Kissinger family (Scott’s grandparents were Bert Heron who belonged to this church)
For Bill Pfeifer, my nephew as he starts treatment for his cancer after his recent surgery, by Rose Mangini
For all children struggling with divorce and remarriage, by Barbara Essen
For travel of Karen and Jill driving from CO to Bellingham, WA, by Denis Long
Prayers of Praise:
The flowers on the altar are from Dave and Emily Poncin’s garden (Thanks friends!), by Sue Crea
Barbara Cleary’s daughter, Megan graduated yesterday with her degree in nursing
My daughter Katy will have a one person art show in Reno on Thursday, by Sue Crea

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