Prayer Praises and Concerns 7/23/2017

River Phillips did a great job at his swim meet, placing 1st in all but one event!! Great Job!! Praise the Lord!!
Neva Schell, Buzz’s older sister as she recovers from a triple heart bi pass, by Shirley Smith
Ronnie Beckerleg as she recovers from cancer surgery, by Shirley Smith
JoAnne McHugh’s sister Arlene died as a result of a house fire, by Lenora Gregg
Dave Altman, my neighbor has bladder cancer and dementia who is on Hospice, by Lenora
Those who have recently lost loved ones. Prayers of grace and hope for God’s love, mercy and deliverance, by Jerry Asker
My friend Annette Smith who starts therapy this week. Please keep her in your continued prayers, by Dave Hammond
My friend Linda as she is in Hospice care house. May she feel our Lord’s comfort and peace, by Rose Mangini
My friend in Sandpoint, Jan, who has complications after cancer surgery, by Rose Mangini
Travel mercies for Christine Johns as she begins her drive back to Los Vegas Monday, by Sue Crea

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