Methodist Messenger: December, 2017 – Grangeville/Nezperce UMC

Pastor Ryan’s Note: (End of year report from Charge Conference) Since moving to Grangeville on June 1st, 2017 and beginning as Pastor of Grangeville UMC on July 1st, there have been many positive things happening.  Transitioning from Indiana to Idaho has been a great adventure for Denise and me.  We have been greatly blessed since taking this leap of faith.

Before our arrival, White Bird UMC closed it’s doors but we have met and began building relationships with those folks.  Everyone at Grangeville UMC is very welcoming and encouraging to all from White Bird who have attended events and/or services.  We are very hopeful that they will continue to worship and fellowship during the transition of their membership from White Bird to Grangeville.

Nezperce UMC and Grangeville continue our cooperative relationship.  Denis Long and Jon Lee are doing a great job leading their congregation and it has been very enjoyable getting to know them both.  Denis and I have car-pooled to two of our Clearwater Clergy Cluster meetings, which has given us time to get to know each other personally and spiritually.  We will continue working and praying together while we build on the long-time relationship that exists between the communities of faith.

Grangeville UMC is on the move!  The congregation is energized and ready to act as the Holy Spirit guides us.  We have a great group of leaders who are prepared to change and grow in grace and spirit.  There have been new developments since our arrival.

On faith, we began a Children’s Church program October 1st for children from preschool to 5th grade.  Since the program began, the Lord has blessed us with children to attend.  We have 10 children’s names on the attendance sheet, already! The kids come up to the altar during worship to receive a short message.  After praying, they go up to our newly re-vamped Sunday school room where they receive a biblical message, make crafts, and have time to worship in music.  We have 7 teachers on a rotating schedule.  It is a great blessing to have disciples who are ready to teach the next generation.

We have also began reconfiguring our Youth Fellowship Room.  After this space is updated, we will begin initiatives to draw young adults from 6th-12th grade to come to learn about God, about their worth & purpose, and to have a good time in fellowship with like-minded peers.

Adult Sunday school continues to be a blessing before Sunday Worship Service.  The scripture reading, study, and discussion are always engaging and insightful.

Our choir is going very strong.  We have a well of musical gifts and people who are not only willing, but EXCITED to share.

We continue to support orphans at Jamaa Letu Orphanage with financial donations and people are enthusiastic about seeing the progress that the children have made since Grangeville UMC began sponsoring them.

UMCOM continues providing a much-needed ministry of supplying household items when individuals or families in need are identified by the Human Needs Council and other social services in our area.

Grangeville UMC is a church of prayer warriors who understand how much power and change comes from a group that is faithful to prayer for our families, friends, the marginalized, the lost, the hurt, our community, and the world.

UMW continues to make positive impacts on the community and the church, itself, through hard work, monetary donations, and ministry initiatives such as the Strawberry Shortcake stand during Border Days, Mincemeat making, & Annual Pie Fellowship and Bazaar.

Mid-week Bible Study has had a less-than ideal attendance since beginning in October.  We began with a spiritual gift assessment to help individuals identify their own God-given gifts and encourage others to seek out their gifts, thus allowing them to be used powerfully for the Lord.  We will be looking at possible weekday and time changes to determine when attendance can be maximized.

I am very thankful for everyone who has made an effort to make the transition into the community of Grangeville a smooth one.  The people here have been very welcoming and supportive of both Denise and me.  If there is any need that arises, I am confident that there are folks prepared to lend a hand to help any way possible.

I pray that our Lord continues to allow us to use our current momentum to carry Grangeville UMC into 2018 with a fierce determination to love God with all our heart, mind, and strength and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

God bless!

Pastor Ryan


Christmas Concert: On Sunday, December 17, 3:00 pm, come and enjoy Advent music with specials shared by the church choir and others! Be sure to invite all your friends and family!

Camas Prairie Food Bank: Here are ideas/needs for Camas Prairie Food Bank this month: Boxed and packaged meals; Packaged deserts like Christmas cookies or whatever; Pie crusts; plus Jello and pudding, etc. We’re going to use whatever you bring but Christmas things will help families to enjoy their holiday. Carlene and all the volunteers. Camas Prairie Food Bank, Inc.


United Methodist Women (UMW):  Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, December 13, 10:00 am, at the church.  All are invited to join us. We will review our Mincemeat making, Bazaar, and Pie Fellowship.

The Purpose of UMW: The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose PURPOSE is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the United Methodist Church.

UMW End of Year Report: Last year, our annual Christmas Bazaar, Methodist Mincemeat, and Pie Fellowship was a great success as always thanks to all the church family! We made 1 batch of mincemeat without meat. We are set to make more this year on Monday, November 20. Apple peelers and strong hands are always needed so come If you can help please. We will be making less has several did not sell and ended up giving it away after several months.

The UMW Pie Fellowship and Christmas Bazaar this year is on Saturday, December 2, 10:00 to 2:00 pm. All crafts are always welcomed! Any baked goods seem to be our best sellers so if you can be sure to plan on helping us. (Suggestion is to offer samples of your goodies.) Also, jams and jellies and if they don’t sell and if you want, we donate them for use as gifts for first time visitors to our worship services throughout the year.

At our March meeting finally, the installation of officers took place by UMW District President, Madelyn Bafus, coming from Spokane with another friend! For next year’s officers, we are in need of a treasurer. Please prayerfully consider doing this for us. (If you have questions, talk to Marietta Hanson as she has help this position for several year. Thanks Marietta!)

In July, we had a great Strawberry Shortcake sale at the Art in the Park during Border Days again with lots of help from our faithful church family. Thanks all!! And a special thank you to Barbara Cleary for co-chairing this for us with me!! We did have it on the 3rd since that event was on the 3rd and 4th – Monday and Tuesday for the first time! We thought Monday would have more customers, still not sure if there were. Some said they missed it because they came on the 4th. In 2018, we will be having it on the 4th as that lands on Wednesday.

We paid our “Pledge to Mission” of $500.00, last year again to the District UMW treasurer, which helps support mission work around the world! Also sent extra funds to “Mission Magic” and “World Thank Offering,” 2 other UMW suggested fund raising projects, which go in many different directions too.

We supported our local food bank with $200.00, and throughout the year with food items. We bought supplies such as paper products and other items used in the kitchen, fellowship hour kitchenette, plus other places throughout the church. We have given a scholarship of $500.00, to a college girl from the Jamaa Letu Orphanage as we have done for many years now.

I again attended the annual UMW District meeting held in Sandpoint in September where I delivered 3 toddler quilts that Marietta Hanson made and a check for $200.00, to be donated to a mission outreach in Spokane called Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery. See more info at: I also took another check for $200.00, to be given to the UMW Conference treasurer for another mission project, a women’s homeless shelter to purchase hygiene products in Spokane, WA.

During the year, we donated $100.00 to Twinlow Camp, $100.00 to local YWCA, $100.00 to support Katherine Parker, a missionary in Kenya, plus we paid for several new blinds throughout our church. We also supported River Phillips with a Swim scholarship of $200.00!

We can do this much mission outreach thanks to all our church family and friends! You are greatly appreciated!!

Again, our unit completed the Mission Today Challenge, a Silver Star for 9th year in a row. We should be very proud!! I completed Plan 1 to earn a certificate for the UMW reading program, reading 5 books from the 5 categories. Several of the books for this year can be borrowed from the public library. Many of the books are shared in the church fellowship room on the top shelf by the fireplace. Check them out! Rose Mangini, UMW President

Annual Trustees Report for Charge Conference 2017 —  Projects Completed in 2017:

Lease agreements for 2017 have been reviewed and executed by Shirley’s Dance Studio and Jennifer Glassman’s ballet classes. Pastor Ryan has signed the lease agreement for the Parsonage. Irrigation system checked and blown out for the season. Head Start is renting one classroom upstairs as office space for the school year 2017-2018. Remodeling of Parsonage kitchen and utility room as well as interior and exterior painting was completed this spring. Parsonage construction was done by Norm Rice. Electrical work done by Live Wire Electric, Cottonwood. Plumbing done by Clint Stark. Cabinets from Home Depot. Appliances and flooring from Lindsley’s. Exterior painting by Beth Dalgliesh. Parsonage professionally cleaned by J & L Cleaning Service. Basement floor stripped and refinished by Orvil & Shirley Sears. Maintenance on church heating system has been ordered for this fall.  Parsonage maintenance has been done. Jane Carlson and Buzz Smith installed new blinds in choir room. Jeff Schacher replaced roof cap and shingles that blew off church roof. Oxarc inspected fire extinguishers. Craig Spencer and Jerry Zumalt did most of the lawn care this summer.

Thanks to the Trustees and to the people that have contributed their time and efforts to keeping our Church in good repair. For the Trustees, Dave Poncin,


United Methodist Community Outreach Ministry (UMCOM) End of Year Report:   This has been an active year for our community outreach ministry. UMCOM continues to supply household items to individuals/families when needed.  Our mission is to supply items such as bedding, linens, dishes, cookware, and small appliances that aid daily living.

We work through our local Human Needs Council which represents agencies, local, and state programs with the purpose of exchanging information and advocacy for basic human needs in our area, and developing efficient methods of providing those needs. Members of UMCOM attend monthly meetings.

Our ministry thrives due to the continued, generous donations of items from our members and friends.  New pillows and some needed items are purchased through a church budget allotment.  We also accept monetary donations. Local thrift shops are also supportive and help keep our supplies stocked.

We are blessed with this opportunity to fill this need in our community. Emily Poncin, Jane Carlson, Lenora Gregg, Cathy Vanella, and Linda Johns.


HOPE FOR THE CHILDREN–JAMAA LETU ORPHANAGE: We did it!! We sent $1,520.00, to support our 2 orphans and a college student! Thanks UMW and all that helped us again give these 3 kids help and make their lives better. See Newsletter for more info.


Children’s Church:  We are pleased to have started up Children’s Church in October, which is held immediately after Pastor Ryan’s children’s sermon at our 11:00 worship service.  The Children’s Church team consists of Jane Carlson, Sharon Cox, Lenora, Gregg, Linda Johns, Cathy Vanella, Shirley Lane, and Pete Lane.  Two team members will be present each Sunday.  Included are children in grades K-5. Please help us welcome our families with children!


Historian Report:

I started the Historian course back on September 25th, the course is a great asset to not only Historians but to anyone who has great interest in the History of the United Methodist Church.

I stay very busy not only inside my office but also out of it. I have been several places, such as the County Courthouse, where I have been researching the churches property. I still have several other locations like the State Historical Society website, and have to go over to the museum as well as the Library. I am hoping to start interviewing people. I also have to check out the Conference Archives. I am going through all of the files of the church records, and re-filing many of them.

Barbra Essen is my study-buddy; Clyde Hanson helps me at times as well. I do a great deal of reading, and note taking. My office hour varies, but most of the time I am there on Wed, Thurs, Friday, & Saturday from 10:00 am-1:30 pm. Unless something happens to come up, the office is closed Christmas, Thanksgiving and Border Days. Sometimes I will be gone doing Interviews! In that case I will have it posted!

Sincerely: Dave Hammond The History Hound!


Church’s Facebook page:  Please find our church’s new page on Facebook Pastor Ryan set up for us and share with your friends:


The Snippet Corner: The John Wesley-Sermon 49: Continuation of The Cure of Evil- Speaking

  1. And how extremely common is this sin, among all orders and degrees of men! How do high and low, rich and poor, wise and foolish, learned and unlearned, run into it continually! Persons who differ from each other in all things else, never the less agree in this. How few are there that can testify before God. “I am clear in this matter: I have always set a watch before my mouth, and kept the door of my lips! What conversation do you hear, of any considerable length; whereof evil-speaking is not one ingredient and that even among persons who, in the general, have the fear of God before their eyes, and do really desire to have a conscience void of offence toward man.

Dave Hammond the Churches Historian (the History Hound)


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