Methodist Messenger: January, 2018


            To the church of God in Whitebird, to those sanctified in Christ Jesus and called to be holy, together with all those everywhere who call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ – their Lord and ours:  Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

            All of us at Grangeville UMC would like to welcome each of you into community with us…to be blessed and also to be an integral blessing within our communities.

            I was sad to hear that Whitebird UMC closed its doors just prior to my arrival in Grangeville.  However, I do expect to see us continue to build upon and maintain positive worship, communication, vision, and mission with all who are willing to continue doing the Lord’s work in and through the United Methodist Church and our ministries.

            I have resounding hope and I truly believe that, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can all work together to make this new relationship dynamic and allow the grace of God to overflow into each other’s and the lives of all those with which we are blessed to come into relationship.    

            If ever a need arises, whether it is a need to share your prayers of PRAISE and THANKSGIVING or prayers of concern, physical, emotional, or spiritual needs, we would love to add your prayers to ours, help any way we can, and lift you all up in the precious name of Jesus Christ.  In God’s wisdom, he has allowed many ways for you to use your spiritual gifts, to be included and integrated, to build upon your strengths, and to help the Body of Christ grow in grace and righteousness.  

           Please take a moment to call, email, or just stop in to talk.  I would love to meet you, pray with you, and continue with you, in Christ’s mission, to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”  Matthew 28:19-20

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.  My love to all of you in Christ Jesus.  Amen.

Pastor Ryan Campbell

Church’s Facebook page:  Please find our church’s new page on Facebook Pastor Ryan set up for us and share with your friends:

Camas Prairie Food Bank: We always need soups, fruit, canned meat, plus packaged or canned meal helpers. Carlene and all the volunteers. Location: 411 E. North St. Grangeville

The Snippet Corner: The Sermons of John Wesley Sermon #49: The Cure of Evil- Speaking

  1. “Speak evil of not man,” say the great Apostle: – As plain a command as, you, how few are there that so much as understand it What is evil-speaking it is not. As some suppose, the same with lying or slandering, all a man says may be as true as the Bible and yet the saying of it is evil-speaking. For evil-speaking is neither more or less than speaking evil of an absent person; relating something evil, which was really done or said by one that is not present when it is related. Suppose, having seen a man drunk, or heard him curse or swear, I tell this when he is absent; it is evil-speaking. In our language this is also, by an extremely proper name, termed backbiting. Nor is there any material difference between this and what we usually style tale-bearing. If the tale be delivered in a soft and quiet manner (perhaps with expressions of good-will to the person, and of hope that things may not be quite so bad.) Then we call it whispering, but in whatever manner it be done, the thing is the same: – the same in substance, if not in circumstance. Still it is person, when he is not present to answer for himself.

Dave Hammond- Churches historian (History Hound)

NEWS: Here and there:

Sermons on Facebook -Pastor Ryan is sharing is Sunday morning sermons on the church’s facebook page live! Share this with all your family/friends! If you do not have a page, look on a friend/family’s page to catch it when you cannot come to worship.

New Members – Joe and Tova Cladouhos recently had their membership transferred to Grangeville United Methodist Church! Welcome you 2! Check out the article in this newsletter about them and be sure to get to know them as part of our church family.

Concert – Our church choir put on a community Christmas Concert and it was a great success!! Thanks everyone!! We had over 80 come to enjoy our 6 special songs plus one we learned with Pastor Ryan and Ted Lindsley on guitar with several others helping us make wonderful sounds!!

Choir – We had a great time again this Advent season sharing special music many times, beginning on the last Sunday in November thru Christmas Eve Candlelight service. We also went one Monday evening for practice doing all 6 of our songs at the Grangeville Health & Rehab. They seem to really like them too!

Children’s Church – Our ladies are doing an amazing job helping the many children who are coming to our Sunday morning worship service now. Thanks ladies!! (They are: Linda Johns, Sharon Cox, Jane Carlson, Lenora Greig, and Cathy Vanella. Pete and Shirley watch the little ones who are 3 and under.

Children’s choir – We were really blessed at the Christmas Eve morning worship service with 2 special songs by our new Children’s choir. Children were: Jerri Lynn Cox, Tessa Howell, Nevaeh Russell, Ava Lane, Dylan Cox, Alex Rogers, Charlie Lane, Luke Cox, Sam Rogers, and Connor Lane.

Christmas Eve – Our Sunday morning service was outstanding with 69 in attendance, Children’s choir sharing 2 special songs, and lighting the 4th candle on our Advent wreath, the candle of Hope. Candlelight service at 6:00 pm was also outstanding with over 50 in attendance, church choir sharing for the last time until Lent, singing many Christmas carols, and listening to several readings!! Thanks to all who helped make this happen. Praise God for His many blessings!

Bible Study – Tuesdays continue to have a few come to discuss Romans with Pastor Ryan. Be sure to join us any time. If another time would be better, we are willing to change, just let Pastor Ryan know!

Donated turkeys – Our church received 3 turkeys from the Wild Turkey Federation, with 2 going to YWCA to needy families. The 3rd was cooked by Pastor Ryan and delivered to Lori and her sons who are living in a hotel. God is good all the time!

Officers for 2018 – January is when the new slate of officers start who were elected at our Charge Conference. Be sure to thank them for the service! Officers are: Council Chair, Jerry Zumalt; Finance Chair, Dave Poncin; Financial Secretary, Rose Mangini; SPPRC Chair, Lenora Gregg; Lay Leader, Ron Sigler; Lay Member to Annual Conference, Carol Warden; Memorials Chair; Emily Poncin, Treasurer,       Jane Spencer; Safe Sanctuary Admin., Sonny Robison, Clyde Hansen; Historian, Dave Hammond; Trustee Chair, Ted Lindsley. (NOTE: If you want a copy of Charge Conf. report, see Rose Mangini)

Governing Board – In February or March, Pastor Ryan will be setting up workshops in order to begin our new governing board.

NP email – Nezperce’s email address is

Our church’s helpers – Our church is so blessed with many behind the scene workers. We sincerely thank you and appreciate all of you whomever you are! Many little jobs are completed when no one else is around so if you see someone shoveling snow or the such, be sure to thank them!!



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