Prayer requests received recently

Prayers from our Prayer Box:

Lord watch over Ryan & Denise on these scary of days as they love their little Doggie and may turn him back to You. Give them strength, by Norm
Prosperity for loved ones on their passionate journey of giving to others
Prayers of Concern:
Please keep my brother, Greg, in prayer as he undergoes physical therapy following surgery, by Linda Johns
Prayers for my 2 sisters and brother-in-law, by Dave Hammond
Prayers for everyone who lave lost their memories and their homes in Hawaii, by Dave Hammond
Pray the river does not flood into the house of Brenda and Eric Klos. Hope the dike holds! by Mother, Shirley Smith
Please pray for everyone’s families who has lost someone in TX shooting, by Dave Hammond
That we, the United Methodist Worldwide church, may remain a United Methodist Church in Faith, Mission, Ministry, and Discipleship, by Jerry
Please hold up in prayer Cerise Barber and family as here sister, Marilea Barber-Holden passed away on May 22. They know Barbara Essen.
Prayers of Praise:
For the wonderful altar display and other items in our sanctuary! Thanks Marietta!!
For Dave Poncin and his celebration of his 81st birthday, by Sue Crea

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