Prayer Request received recently:

Prayers of Concern:
Pray for Cristo Vive Camp which starts today (Sunday, July 29) thru Saturday August 4, for workers and the students, by Rose Mangini
Pray for the 6 who are traveling from Pacific NW church to the Congo to visit orphans at Jamaa Letu from 7/31 to 8/4. Pray also for great connection, fun, and blessings to all, by Rose Mangini
Pray for Denise and Ryan who returned yesterday safely. Pray for them to catch up on sleep after 3 weeks on the go, by Rose
Continued prayer for all the fire fighter and ones affected by the fires in the Northwest
Pray for all who are struggling with the hot temperatures, by Barbara Essen
Prayers of Praise:
My brother is doing well with his struggle of adapting to his new leg. He is up beat much more than before. Continued prayers for him to continue to improve, by Linda Johns
A BIG thanks to the ones (Ron Sigler, Joe Cladouhos, and Sonny Robison) who filled in for our worship services while Pastor Ryan was gone to Continued education college classes for 3 weeks.
Congratulations to River Phillips!! He had a swim meet Saturday and won 1st place in the events he did!! Good job!!
Great to see Denis Long in worship today!! Continued prayers for his declining health.

Prayer requests from Sunday, May 27

Prayers of Concern:
For Jon Lee as he has blood poisoning from an encounter with a cat
For everyone ho had to evacuate their homes and all of their deepest memories, by Dave Hammond
For the Hospice bike challenge on Saturday, June 2, For the Hill of it in White Bird, by Sonny
Prayers from Prayer Box:
Blessings to this church and the wonderful people, by Norm

Prayer requests received recently

Prayers from our Prayer Box:

Lord watch over Ryan & Denise on these scary of days as they love their little Doggie and may turn him back to You. Give them strength, by Norm
Prosperity for loved ones on their passionate journey of giving to others
Prayers of Concern:
Please keep my brother, Greg, in prayer as he undergoes physical therapy following surgery, by Linda Johns
Prayers for my 2 sisters and brother-in-law, by Dave Hammond
Prayers for everyone who lave lost their memories and their homes in Hawaii, by Dave Hammond
Pray the river does not flood into the house of Brenda and Eric Klos. Hope the dike holds! by Mother, Shirley Smith
Please pray for everyone’s families who has lost someone in TX shooting, by Dave Hammond
That we, the United Methodist Worldwide church, may remain a United Methodist Church in Faith, Mission, Ministry, and Discipleship, by Jerry
Please hold up in prayer Cerise Barber and family as here sister, Marilea Barber-Holden passed away on May 22. They know Barbara Essen.
Prayers of Praise:
For the wonderful altar display and other items in our sanctuary! Thanks Marietta!!
For Dave Poncin and his celebration of his 81st birthday, by Sue Crea

Prayer requests from worship on 3/11

Prayers of concern:
Pray for Shirley Lane’s sister, Jill, who is suffering with a painful leg problem, by Shirley Lane
Pray for my friend in Sandpoint, Joyce Smith, and her family, who found out Friday that she has acute leukemia. She will find out treatment on Wednesday, by Rose Mangini
Pray for my brother, Gregg, and his treatment for Diabetes complications, by Linda Johns
Pray continually for the great violence we have all over America, by Dave Hammond
Prayers of Praise:
My mother-in-law is home but at age 94, she is doing as well as she can, by Dave Hammond
For our choir and their special music they blessed us with today in worship (You can enjoy it also on our church Facebook page.  Check it out!)

Prayer requests from Worship on June 11, 2017

Prayers of Concern:
For the family and friends of Jerry Asker at his passing yesterday, Saturday, June 10, by Barbara Essen
For continued prayer for Dave & Emily Poncin’s strength and health, by Dave Hammond.
For My brother, Greg, who is starting home kidney dialysis tomorrow, Monday, June 12, by Linda Johns
For all who attend Annual Conference and for God’s presence in all the sessions, by Barbara Essen
For Rose Mangini as just waits to hear from her doctor about her tests of her heart. The heart specialist said the stress test was OK, praise the Lord. Now she needs still other ways to help for her continued belly pain and tiredness.

Prayer requests from worship on Sunday, June 4:

Prayers of Concern:
For Dave Poncin for God to heal him, by Dave Hammond
For Rose Mangini for heart concern discovered this week, for resolution and successful treatment of her health issues and for God to heal her. (Friday, June 9, she will be doing a treadmill test at 7 am, at St. Joes. and talk to a heart specialist.)
For Betty Aikin for speedy healing from her knee surgery, by Shirley Smith
Prayers of Travel Mercies:
For Jane Carlson as she travels to visit her daughter
For our trip to Salt Lake City for 483 miles away, on the road for 10 hours, by Lili Einer and family
For my sister and brother in law, by Dave Hammond

Prayer requests from worship on May 14

Prayers of Concern:

For Laura Vawter and family as she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is on Hospice
For Anne Tipton for her eye surgery on Wednesday (that she can see fantastic) and for her back surgery later, by Dave Hammond
For Dave Poncin as he recovers from procedures in Seattle and his family also
For Harry Owens family as he was killed in an auto accident this week, by Clyde Hanson
For Scott Kissinger family (Scott’s grandparents were Bert Heron who belonged to this church)
For Bill Pfeifer, my nephew as he starts treatment for his cancer after his recent surgery, by Rose Mangini
For all children struggling with divorce and remarriage, by Barbara Essen
For travel of Karen and Jill driving from CO to Bellingham, WA, by Denis Long
Prayers of Praise:
The flowers on the altar are from Dave and Emily Poncin’s garden (Thanks friends!), by Sue Crea
Barbara Cleary’s daughter, Megan graduated yesterday with her degree in nursing
My daughter Katy will have a one person art show in Reno on Thursday, by Sue Crea